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biography of Ahmadzai, Mirwais

23 October 1960, Lausanne, Switzerland

-   In 1976, he founded the band Taxi Girl with 'Daniel Darc' (qv), Laurent Biehler (aka Laurent Sinclair), Pierre Wolfsohn and Stéphane Erard. Their first hit (and most famous song) was 'Cherchez le garçon' in 1980. Mirwais became famous again in 2000 with his electronic solo album 'Production' and with his successful partnership with Madonna.

-   His father is from Afganistan and his mother is Italian.

-   Worked extensively with 'Madonna' (qv) as her producer/co-writer. Credits include the bulk of her 2000 "Music" album (including the hits "Music" and "Don't Tell Me"), her entire 2003 "American Life" album (including the songs "Hollywood" and "Love Profusion") and two songs for her 2005 album "Confessions On A Dance Floor". He also co-produced and co-wrote her hit "Die Another Day" from the James Bond film of the same name.

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