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  1. Every Breath You Take (2012) (additional staff)
  2. The Grave Bandits (2012) (script supervisor)
  3. Babe, I Love You (2010) (crowd director)
  4. Cinco (2010/II) (script continuity supervisor)
  5. Emir (2010) (script continuity supervisor)
  6. Here Comes the Bride (2010) (script continuity supervisor)
  7. Sa'yo lamang (2010) (script continuity supervisor)
  8. You Changed My Life (2009) (script continuity)
  9. And I Love You So (2009) (script continuity supervisor)
  10. In My Life (2009) (production assistant)
  11. A Very Special Love (2008) (crowd director)
  12. Love Me Again (Land Down Under) (2008) (script continuity supervisor)
  13. My Big Love (2008) (production assistant)
  14. SupahPapalicious (2008) (production assistant)
  15. Kasal, kasali, kasalo (2006) (production assistant)