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Alessia Laura Maria Valeria
168 cm
Born and bred in Rome by parents Anna and Aldo. Mime Acting, Dancing, Singing in Rome since age of 12. Runner and Production assistant to Godfather Author Film-maker Silvano Agosti. Moved to UK, married but divorced. She decided to have a go in becoming a successful performer in the UK. Was noticed by Woody Allen who gave her his blessing. Her career started with small but prominent roles next to big stars.
Alex Argenti

-   'Fulvio Catania' (14 March 1988 - 10 November 1999) (divorced); 2 children

-   She has a son called Andrea-Emanuele and a daughter called Jessica-Chiara.

-   She is also a musician.

-   The Genius Directors Federico Fellini + Woody Allen + Buster Keaton (Three playful children)

-   Silvano Agosti is a free man with the immense courage to set you all free, he shows it in his films he shows it in his poems and he shows it in his friendship

-   The minute that you grow up and become an adult you start to grow old and die, but if you see the world as a child you can play eternally.

-   Life is so beautiful you can play you can play you can play..

-   I am a free Woman.

-   I don't know how to act but I know how to live a role truthfully.

-   My motivation is to show human beings the great depth of their souls for human beings can do anything - they are stars and work of arts all they need to do is to stop trying to be anything else but themselves!

-   I have cried a lot in my life, but having nobody to wipe my tears was much more painful then the reason I had for crying.

-   To me overall in life there is nothing truly more beautiful then when you are falling in love and all the goodies that follow.

-   My eyes never lie.

-   Always said to myself, when I fall in love it will be forever, but then I realized that that depends on ones concept of "forever".

-   Sometimes to show someone true love, sweet words and possessiveness will not do, nor will any gifts or money, sometimes to show someone true love is to let he or her go..

-   I am this type of actress - Zero emotions in rehearsal and 100% in front of the camera when my intuition imagination and instinct kick in as if by magic!

-   (June 2007) In London attending Meisner workshops dance and mime plus learning to play the piano

-   (April 2008) London

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