Azenberg, Emanuel Biography

biography of Azenberg, Emanuel

22 January 1934, New York City, New York, USA

-   (1965- ). Active on Broadway in the following productions:

-   (1965). Stage Play: The Impossible Years. Comedy. Written by 'Bob Fisher (I)' (qv) and 'Arthur Marx' (qv). Scenic Design by William Pitkin. Lighting Design by Martin Aronstein. Costume Design by Ann Roth. Company Manager: 'Emanuel Azenberg' (qv) [earliest Broadway credit]. Directed by 'Arthur Storch' (qv). Playhouse Theatre: 13 Oct 1965- 27 May 1967 (670 performances + 2 previews that began on 11 Oct 1965). Cast: 'Alan King (I)' (qv) (as "Dr. Jack"), Donna Baccala (as "Francine"), Sudie Bond (as "Miss Hammer"), Kenneth Carr (as "Wally"), 'Bert Convy' (qv) (as "Richard Merrick"), Jane Elliot (as "Linda Kingsley"), 'Scott Glenn' (qv) (as "Andy"), Michael Hadge (as "Bartholomew Smuts"), Jack Hollander (as "Arnold Brecher"), Kenneth Kealey (as "Irwin Kniberg"), Terrence Logan (as "Ricky Fleisher"), Pamela Murphy, Jeff Siggins, 'Neva Small' (qv) (as "Abbey Kingsley"), 'Michael Vale (I)' (qv) (as "Dr. Harold Fleisher"), Janet Ward. Replacement actors: David Cumins, Gale Dixon, Robert Jundelin, 'Sam Levene (I)' (qv) (as "Dr. Jack Kingsley"), Leland Mayford, 'Ed McMahon (I)' (qv) (as "Dr. Jack Kinglsey") [from 17 Jan 1966 to close], Paul Nesbitt (as "Wally"). Produced by David Black and 'Walter Hyman' (qv). Note: Filmed as _The Impossible Years (1968)_ (qv).

-   (1966). Stage Play: The Lion in Winter. Written by 'James Goldman (I)' (qv). Incidental music by Thomas Wagner. Directed by 'Noel Willman' (qv). Ambassador Theatre: 3 Mar 1966- 21 May 1966 (92 performances + 2 previews that began on 2 Mar 1966). Cast: 'Rosemary Harris (I)' (qv) (as "Eleanor, Henry's wife"), 'Robert Preston (I)' (qv) (as "Henry II, King of England"), 'Dennis Cooney' (qv) (as "Geoffrey, the middle son"), 'Suzanne Grossman' (qv) (as "Alais, a French princess") [Broadway debut], 'James Rado' (qv) (as "Richard Lionheart, the oldest son"), Bruce Scott (as "John, the youngest son"), 'Christopher Walken' (qv) (as "Philip, King of France"). Standbys: 'Ludi Claire' (qv) (as "Eleanor"), Bruce Glover (as "Henry II"). Understudies: 'Bruce Glover (I)' (qv) (as "Richard Lionheart"), 'Ty McConnell' (qv) (as "Geoffrey/John/Philip"), Leslie Vega (as "Alais"). Produced by 'Eugene V. Wolsk' (qv), 'Walter Hyman' (qv), 'Alan King (I)' (qv) and 'Emanuel Azenberg' (qv). Notes (1): Ms. Harris won the 1966 Tony Award® Best Actress in a Play. (2) Filmed as _The Lion in Winter (1968)_ (qv).

-   (1966). Stage Play: Mark Twain Tonight! Written by Samuel Clemens. Directed by 'Hal Holbrook' (qv). Longacre Theatre: 23 Mar 1966- 11 Jun 1966 (85 performances + 1 preview on 22 Mar 1966). Cast: Hal Holbrook (as "Mark Twain"). Produced by 'Emanuel Azenberg' (qv), Eugene V. Wolsk and Leonard Soloway. Produced in association with John Lolas.

-   (1966). Stage Play: The Investigation. Drama. Written by Peter Weiss. Translated by Jon Swan and 'Ulu Grosbard' (qv). Directed by Ulu Grosbard. Ambassador Theatre: 4 Oct 1966- 31 Dec 1966 (103 performances + 8 previews). Cast: Russell Baker (as "The Accused"), Leslie Barrett (as "Witness for the Accused"), Peter Brandon (as "The Accused"), 'Richard S. Castellano' (qv) (as "The Accused") [Broadway debut], 'Gordon B. Clarke' (qv) (as "The Accused), 'Ward Costello' (qv) (as "Witness for the Prosecution"), Franklin Cover (as "Prosecuting Attorney"), Ivor Francis (as "The Accused"), Tom Gorman (as "The Accused"), Alice Hirson (as "Witness for the Prosecution"), 'Ferdi B. Hoffman' (qv) (as "The Accused"), Will Hussung (as "Judge"), 'Graham Jarvis (I)' (qv) (as "Witness for the Prosecution"), Paul Larson (as "The Accused"), 'John Marley' (qv) (as "Witness for the Prosecution"), 'Vivian Nathan' (qv) (as "Witness for the Prosecution"), Henry Oliver (as "Witness for the Accused"), 'Tom Pedi' (qv) (as "The Accused"), 'Wendell K. Phillips' (qv) (as "The Accused"), Dan Priest (as "The Accused"), Wallace Rooney (as "The Accused"), John Servetnik (as "The Accused"), Leon B. Stevens (as "Defense Attorney"). Produced by 'Alan King (I)' (qv), Walter A. Hyman, Ltd., Eugene V. Wolsk and 'Emanuel Azenberg' (qv).

-   (1967). Stage Play: Something Different. Comedy/farce.

-   (1991). Stage Play: Lost in Yonkers. Comedy. Written by 'Neil Simon (I)' (qv). Directed by 'Gene Saks' (qv). Richard Rodgers Theatre: 21 Feb 1991- 3 Jan 1993 (780 performances + 11 previews that began on 12 Feb 1991). Cast: 'Mercedes Ruehl' (qv) (as "Bella"), 'Kevin Spacey' (qv) (as "Louie"), 'Irene Worth' (qv) (as "Grandma Kurnitz"), 'Mark Blum (I)' (qv) (as "Eddie"), 'Danny Gerard' (qv) (as "Arty"), 'Lauren Klein (I)' (qv) (as "Gert"), 'James Marsh (II)' (qv) (as "Jay"). Standbys: 'Leslie Ayvazian' (qv) (as "Gert"), 'Irene Dailey' (qv) (as "Grandma Kurnitz"), 'Mike Damus' (qv) (as "Arty"), David Neipris (as "Jay"). Understudies: David Chandler (as "Eddie/Louie"), 'Didi Conn' (qv) (as "Bella/Gert"), 'Pauline Flanagan' (qv) (as "Grandma Kurnitz"), David Neipris (as "Jay"), 'Justin Strock' (qv) (as "Arty"). Replacement cast: 'Lucie Arnaz' (qv) (as "Bella"), 'David S. Chandler' (qv) (as "Eddie"), Didi Conn (as "Bella"), 'Benny Grant (I)' (qv) (as "Arty"), 'Rosemary Harris (I)' (qv) (as "Grandma Kurnitz"), Jane Hoffman (as "Grandma Kurnitz"), 'Anne Jackson (I)' (qv) (as "Grandma Kurnitz"), 'Timothy Jerome' (qv) (as "Eddie"), 'Jane Kaczmarek' (qv) (as "Bella"), 'Bruno Kirby' (qv) (as "Louie"), Brian Markinson (as "Louie"), 'Mercedes McCambridge' (qv) (as "Grandma Kurnitz"), 'Alan Rosenberg (I)' (qv) (as "Louie"), 'Isa Thomas' (qv) (as "Grandma Kurnitz"), 'Steve Vinovich' (qv) (as "Eddie"). Produced by 'Emanuel Azenberg' (qv). Note: Filmed as _Lost in Yonkers (1993)_ (qv).

-   The Sunshine Boys (1972). Comedy. Written by 'Neil Simon (I)' (qv). All voices and instruments in "Lipton Tea Commerical" by Don Elliott. "Lipton Tea Commercial" arranged by Lee Schumer. Scenic Design by Kert Lundell. Costume Design by Albert Wolsky. Lighting Design by Tharon Musser. Directed by 'Alan Arkin' (qv). Broadhurst Theatre (moved to The Shubert Theatre from 30 Oct-1973- to 9 Feb 1974, then moved to The Lunt-Fontanne Theatre from 11 Feb 1974- close): 20 Dec 1972- 21 Apr 1974 (538 performances + 2 previews that began on 18 Dec 1972). Cast: 'Jack Albertson' (qv) (as "Willie Clark"), 'Sam Levene (I)' (qv) (as "Al Lewis"), 'Lewis J. Stadlen' (qv) (as "Ben Silverman"), John Batiste (as "Eddie"), 'Minnie Gentry' (qv) (as "Registered Nurse"), 'Lee Meredith (I)' (qv) (as "Sketch Nurse"), 'Beatrice Tremaine' (qv) (as "Television Announcer") [Recorded voice only], Joe Young (as "Patient"). Understudies: John Batiste (as "Ben Silverman"), 'Cynthia Belgrave' (qv) (as "Registered Nurse"), 'Clement Fowler' (qv) (as "Al Lewis"), 'Darlene Parks' (qv) (as "Sketch Nurse"), George Rando (as "Eddie/Patient"). Replacement actor during Broadhurst Theatre run: Understudy: James Bernardi (as "Eddie/Patient"). Replacement actors during Shubert Theatre run: 'John Batiste (I)' (qv) (as "Ben Silverman"), 'Jack Gilford (I)' (qv) (as "Willie Clark"), Jeremy Stevens (as "Eddie"). Standby: Arny Freeman (as "Willie Clark"). Understudies: 'James Bernardi' (qv) (as "Eddie/Patient"), Rosetta LeNoire (as "Registered Nurse"), Sandra O'Neil (as "Sketch Nurse"), 'Jeremy Stevens (I)' (qv) (as "Ben Silverman"). Replacement actors during Lunt-Fontanne Theare run: 'Lou Jacobi' (qv) (as "Al Lewis"), Rosette LeNoir (as "Registered Nurse"). Produced by 'Emanuel Azenberg' (qv) and 'Eugene V. Wolsk' (qv). Originally produced by Nancy Enterprises Inc. (Neil Simon). Note: Filmed as _The Sunshine Boys (1975/I)_ (qv).

-   (1973). Stage Play: The Good Doctor. Written by 'Neil Simon (I)' (qv). Adapted and suggested from stories by 'Anton Chekhov' (qv). Additional lyrics by Neil Simon. Incidental music by 'Peter Link (I)' (qv). Directed by 'A.J. Antoon' (qv). Eugene O'Neill Theatre: 27 Nov 1973- 25 May 1974 (208 performances + 8 previews that began on 19 Nov 1973). Cast: 'Rene Auberjonois' (qv), 'Barnard Hughes' (qv), 'Marsha Mason (I)' (qv), 'Christopher Plummer (I)' (qv), 'Frances Sternhagen' (qv). Replacement actor during run: 'Kathryn Walker (I)' (qv) [from ? Feb 1974- ?]. Produced by 'Emanuel Azenberg' (qv) and 'Eugene V. Wolsk' (qv).

-   The Dinner Party (2000). Written by 'Neil Simon (I)' (qv). Scenic Design by John Lee Beatty. Costume Design by Jane Greenwood. Directed by 'John Rando' (qv). Music Box Theatre: 19 Oct 2000- 1 Sep 2001 (364 performances + 20 previews that began on 3 Oct 2000). Cast: 'Len Cariou' (qv) (as "Andre Bouville"), 'Veanne Cox' (qv) (as "Yvonne Fouchet"), 'Penny Fuller (I)' (qv) (as "Gabrielle Buonocelli"), 'Jan Maxwell' (qv) (as "Mariette Levieux"), 'John Ritter' (qv) [only Broadway role] (as "Claude Pichon"), 'Henry Winkler' (qv) (as "Albert Donay"). Understudies: John Boyle (as "Andre Bouville/Claude Pichon"), Jennifer Harmon (as "Gabrielle Buonocelli/Mariette Levieux"), 'Susie Spear Purcell' (qv) (as "Yvonne Fouchet"). Replacement cast during run: 'Jon Lovitz' (qv) (as "Albert Donay") [from 12 Jun 2001- ?], 'Carolyn McCormick' (qv) (as "Mariette Levieux") [from 2 Jul 2001- ?], 'Larry Miller (I)' (qv) (as "Claude Pichon") [from 12 Jun 2001- ?]. Produced by 'Emanuel Azenberg' (qv), Ira Pittelman, Eric Krebs, Scott Nederlander, and Center Theatre Group/Mark Taper Forum (Gordon Davidson, Artistic Director). Associate Producer: Ginger Montel and Marcia Roberts.

-   (1974). Stage Play: God's Favorite. Written by 'Neil Simon (I)' (qv). Assistant Director: 'Bob Avian' (qv). Directed by 'Michael Bennett (XI)' (qv). Eugene O'Neill Theatre: 11 Dec 1974- 22 Mar 1975 (116 performances + 7 previews that began on 3 Dec 1974). Cast: 'Vincent Gardenia' (qv) (as "Joe Benjamin"), 'Maria Karnilova' (qv) (as "Rose Benjamin"), 'Charles Nelson Reilly' (qv) (as "Sidney Lipton"), Laura Esterman (as "Sara Benjamin"), 'Terry Kiser' (qv) (as "David Benjamin"), Nick LaTour (as "Morris"), Rosetta LeNoire (as "Mady"), Lawrence John Moss (as "Ben Benjamin"). Standby: 'Ken Olfson' (qv) (as "Ben Benjamin/Sidney Lipton"). Understudies: Jo Flores Chase (as "Rose Benjamin"), 'Philip Cusack (I)' (qv) (as "David Benjamin"), Richard Kuss (as "Joe Benjamin"), Mary Rio Lewis (as "Mady"), Philip Lindsay (as "Morris"), Ellen Ruskin (as "Sara Benjamin"). Produced by 'Emanuel Azenberg' (qv) and 'Eugene V. Wolsk' (qv).

-   (1979). Stage Play: They're Playing Our Song. Musical/Romantic comedy. Music by 'Marvin Hamlisch' (qv). Lyrics by 'Carole Bayer Sager' (qv). Musical Director: Larry Blank. Music orchestrated by Ralph Burns, Richard Hazard and Gene Page. Book by 'Neil Simon (I)' (qv). Choreographed by Patricia Birch. Directed by 'Robert Moore (I)' (qv). Imperial Theatre: 11 Feb 1979- 6 Sep 1981 (1082 performances + 11 previews that began on 2 Feb 1979). Cast: 'Lucie Arnaz' (qv) (as "Sonia Walsk"), 'Robert Klein (I)' (qv) (as "Vernon Gersch"), Helen Castillo (as "Voice of Sonia Walsk"), 'Philip Cusack (I)' (qv) (as "Voice of Phil the Engineer"), Celia Celnik Matthau (as "Voice of Sonia Walsk"), Wayne Mattson (as "Voice of Vernon Gersch"), Andy Roth (as "Voice of Vernon Gersch"), Debbie Shapiro (as "Voice of Sonia Walsk"), 'Greg Zadikov' (qv) (as "Voice of Vernon Gersch"). Swings: Max Stone, Lani Sundsten. Standbys: John Getz (as "Vernon Gersch"), Debbie Shapiro (as "Sonia Walsk"). Replacement cast during run: 'Diana Canova' (qv) (as "Sonia Walsk"), 'Stockard Channing' (qv) (as "Sonia Walsk"), Rhonda Farer (as "Sonia Walsk"), 'Victor Garber' (qv) (as "Vernon Gersch") [from 4 Aug 1981- ?], 'Anita Gillette' (qv) (as "Sonia Walsk"), D. Michael Heath (as "Voice of Vernon Gersch"), John Hillner (as "Voice of Vernon Gersch"), Dorothy Kiara (as "Voice of Sonia Walsk"), Donna Murphy (as "Voice of Sonia Walsk"), 'Tony Roberts (I)' (qv) (as "Vernon Gersch"), Hal Shane (as "Voice of Phil the Engineer"), Marsha Skaggs (as "Sonia Walsk") [from 4 Aug 1981- ?], 'Ted Wass' (qv) (as "Vernon Gersch"). Swings: Rhonda Farer, Pat Gorman, Andrea Green, Donna Murphy, Hal Shane. Standbys: Ray Gill (as "Vernon Gersch"), Pat Gorman (as "Sonia Walsk"), John Hammil (as "Vernon Gersch"). Understudies: Rhonda Farer (as "Sonia Walsk"), John Hillner (as "Vernon Gersch"), Wayne Mattson (as "Voice of Phil the Engineer"), Michael William Schaefer (as "Voice of Phil the Engineer"), Hal Shane (as "Vernon Gersch"), Greg Zadikov (as "Voice of Phil the Engineer"). Produced by 'Emanuel Azenberg' (qv).

-   (1988). Stage Play: Rumors. Comedy/farce. Written by 'Neil Simon (I)' (qv). Scenic Design by Tony Straiges. Directed by 'Gene Saks' (qv). Broadhurst Theatre (moved to The Ethel Barrymore Theatre from 13 Dec 1989- close): 17 Nov 1988- 24 Feb 1990 (535 performances + 8 previews that began 8 Nov 1988). Cast: 'Lisa Banes' (qv) (as "Cassie Cooper"), 'Christine Baranski' (qv) (as "Chris Gorman"), Charles Brown (as "Welch"), Cynthia Darlow (as "Pudney"), 'Andre Gregory' (qv) (as "Ernie Cusack"), 'Ken Howard (I)' (qv) (as "Glenn Cooper"), 'Ron Leibman' (qv) (as "Lenny Ganz"), Mark Nelson (as "Ken Gorman"), 'Joyce Van Patten' (qv) (as "Cookie Cusack"), 'Jessica Walter (I)' (qv) (as "Claire Ganz"). Standbys: Gibby Brand (as "Ken Gorman/Lenny Ganz/Welch"), Kandis Chappell (as "Cassie Cooper/Chris Gorman/Pudney"), Cynthia Darlow (as "Claire Ganz/Cookie Cusack"), 'Timothy Landfield' (qv) (as "Ernie Cusack/Glenn Cooper"). Replacement cast during Broadhurst Theatre run: 'Kandis Chappell' (qv) (as "Chris Gorman"), Dan Desmond (as "Ernie Cusack"), Lisa Emery (as "Cassie Cooper"), 'Veronica Hamel' (qv) (as "Claire Ganz"), 'Timothy Landfield' (qv) (as "Glenn Cooper"), 'Dick Latessa' (qv) (as "Ernie Cusack"), Richard Levine (as "Ken Gorman"), 'Larry Linville' (qv) (as "Glenn Cooper") [from 26 Dec 1988- ?], Kathleen Marsh (as "Pudney"), Greg Mulvaney (as "Lenny Ganz"), Alice Playten (as "Cookie Cusack"). Replacement cast during Ethel Barrymore Theatre run: None noted. Produced by 'Emanuel Azenberg' (qv).

-   (1985). Stage Play: Joe Egg. Comedy. Written by 'Peter Nichols (I)' (qv). Directed by Arvin Brown. Longacre Theatre: 27 Mar 1985- 23 Jun 1985 (93 performances + 8 previews that began on 21 Mar 1985). Cast: 'Stockard Channing' (qv) (as "Sheila"), 'Jim Dale (I)' (qv) (as "Bri"), 'Joanna Gleason (I)' (qv) (as "Pam"), 'Margaret Hilton' (qv) (as "Grace"), 'John Tillinger' (qv) (as "Freddie"), 'Tenney Walsh' (qv) (as "Joe") [Broadway debut]. Standbys: 'Paddy Croft' (qv) (as "Grace"), 'Karyn Lynn Dale' (qv) (as "Joe"), 'Barbara Eda-Young' (qv) (as "Pam/Sheila"), 'Larry Pine' (qv) (as "Bri/Freddie"). Produced by The Shubert Organization (Gerald Schoenfeld: Chairman. Bernard B. Jacobs: President), 'Emanuel Azenberg' (qv), Roger Berlind and 'Ivan Bloch' (qv). Associate Producer: MTM Enterprises, Inc.

-   (1985). Stage Play: Biloxi Blues. Comedy. Written by 'Neil Simon (I)' (qv). Scenic Design by David Mitchell. Costume Design by Ann Roth. Lighting Design by Tharon Musser. Sound Design by Tom Morse. Directed by 'Gene Saks' (qv). Neil Simon Theatre: 28 Mar 1985- 28 Jun 1986 (524 performances + 12 previews that began on 19 Mar 1985). Cast: 'Matthew Broderick (I)' (qv) (as "Eugene Morris Jerome"), 'Randall Edwards (I)' (qv) (as "Rowena"), Barry Miller (as "Arnold Epstein"), 'Penelope Ann Miller' (qv) [Broadway debut] (as "Daisy Hannigan"), 'Matt Mulhern' (qv) (as "Joseph Wykowski"), 'Alan Ruck' (qv) (as "Don Carney"), 'William Sadler (I)' (qv) [credited as Bill Sadler] (as "Sgt. Merwin J. Toomey"), 'Geoffrey Sharp (I)' (qv) (as "James Hennesey"), 'Brian Tarantina' (qv) (as "Roy Selridge"). Standbys: 'Jim Fyfe' (qv) (as "Don Carney/James Hennesey"), Greg Germann (as "Arnold Epstein/Eugene Morris Jerome"), Joan Goodfellow (as "Rowena"), 'Woody Harrelson' (qv) [Broadway debut] (as "Joseph Wykowski/Roy Selridge"), Joyce O'Brien (as "Daisy Hannigan"), Geoffrey Sharp (as "Eugene Morris Jerome"), Jamey Sheridan (as "Sgt. Merwin J. Toomey"). Replacement cast during run: Jim Fyfe (as "Don Carney"), Zach Galligan (as "Eugene Morris Jerome"), Mark McDermott (as "Roy Selridge"), Mark Nelson (as "Arnold Epstein"), Bruce Norris (as "Eugene Morris Jerome"), Joyce O'Brien (as "Daisy Hannigan"), 'William Ragsdale' (qv) (as "Eugene Morris Jerome"), 'James Shanta' (qv) [credited as James Anthony Shanta] (as "Joseph Wykowski"), Jamey Sheridan (as "Sgt. Merwin J. Toomey"), 'Jonathan Silverman (I)' (qv) (as "Eugene Morris Jerome"), Lisa Waltz (as "Daisy Hannigan"). Standbys: Bruce Norris (as "Eugene Morris Jerome"), 'Karen Sellon' (qv) (as "Daisy Hannigan"), Holt Wilson (as "Joseph Wykowski/Roy Selridge"). Understudies: Dan Butler (as "Sgt. Merwin J. Toomey"), 'John Linton (I)' (qv) (as "Joseph Wykowski/Roy Selridge"), Jay Rubenstein (as "Arnold Epstein"), 'Adam Silbar' (qv) (as "Eugene Morris Jerome"), 'Jon Tenney (I)' (qv) (as "Don Carney/Eugene Morris Jerome/James Hennesey"). Produced by 'Emanuel Azenberg' (qv). Produced in association with Center Theatre Group/Ahmanson Theatre (Robert Fryer, Artistic Director). Note: Filmed as _Biloxi Blues (1988)_ (qv).

-   (1989). Stage Play: Jerome Robbins' Broadway. Musical revue/dance. Music orchestrated by 'Sid Ramin' (qv) and 'William David Brohn' (qv). Music continuity by 'Scott Frankel (IV)' (qv). Musical Director: Paul Gemignani. Featuring songs by 'Irving Berlin (I)' (qv) ("Miss Liberty" and "Call Me Madam" ("Mr. Monotony")), 'Leonard Bernstein' (qv) ("On The Town," "West Side Story"), 'Jerry Bock' (qv) ("Fiddler on the Roof"), Moose Charlap ("Peter Pan"), 'Morton Gould' (qv) ("Billion Dollar Baby"), Hugh Martin ("Look Ma, I'm Dancin'"), 'Richard Rodgers (I)' (qv) ("The King and I"), Stephen Sondheim ("A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum") and 'Jule Styne' (qv) ("Gypsy," "High Button Shoes," "Peter Pan"). Featuring songs with lyrics by 'Sammy Cahn' (qv) ("High Button Shoes"), 'Irving Berlin (I)' (qv) ("Miss Liberty" and "Call Me Madam" (from "Mr. Monotony") [final Broadway credit during lifetime], 'Betty Comden' (qv) ("On The Town," "Billion Dollar Baby," "Peter Pan"), 'Adolph Green' (qv) ("On The Town," "Billion Dollar Baby," "Peter Pan"), Oscar Hammerstein II ("The King and I"), 'Sheldon Harnick' (qv) ("Fiddler on the Roof"), 'Carolyn Leigh (I)' (qv) ("Peter Pan"), Hugh Martin ("Look Ma, I'm Dancin'") and 'Stephen Sondheim' (qv) ("A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum," "Gypsy," "West Side Story"). Additional text by 'J.M. Barrie' (qv) ("Peter Pan"), 'Betty Comden' (qv) ("On The Town," "Billion Dollar Baby"), 'Larry Gelbart' (qv) ("A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum"), 'Adolph Green' (qv) ("On The Town," "Billion Dollar Baby"), 'Oscar Hammerstein II' (qv) ("The King and I"), 'Arthur Laurents' (qv) ("Gypsy," "West Side Story"), 'Stephen Longstreet (I)' (qv) ("High Button Shoes"), 'Burt Shevelove' (qv) ("A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum") and 'Joseph Stein' (qv) ("Fiddler on the Roof"). Narrative continuity by 'Jason Alexander (I)' (qv). "On The Town" and "West Side Story" based on ideas by Jerome Robbins. "The King and I" based upon the novel "Anna and the King of Siam" by 'Margaret Landon' (qv). "Gypsy" suggested by the memoirs of 'Gypsy Rose Lee' (qv). "High Button Shoes" inspired by the comedies of 'Mack Sennett' (qv). "Fiddler on the Roof" based on stories by 'Sholom Aleichem' (qv). Dance arrangements by Betty Walberg ("A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum," "Fiddler on the Roof"), 'Trude Rittman' (qv) ("The King and I") and 'Genevieve Pitot' (qv) ("Miss Liberty" and "Call Me Madam" ("Mr. Monotony"). Costume Design by Joseph G. Aulisi ("Peter Pan", "Miss Liberty" and "Call Me Madam" ("Mr. Monotony"), 'Alvin Colt' (qv) ("On The Town"), 'Raoul Pène Du Bois' ("Gypsy"), Irene Sharaff ("Billion Dollar Baby," "West Side Story," "The King and I"), Tony Walton ("A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum"), Miles White ("High Button Shoes") and Patricia Zipprodt ("Fiddler on the Roof"). Assistant Costume Design: Mary L. Hayes, Marsha L. Eck and Richard Schurkamp. Choreographed by Jerome Robbins. Co- Director: Grover Dale. "West Side Story" Co-Choreographer: 'Peter Gennaro' (qv). Directed by 'Jerome Robbins' (qv). Imperial Theatre: 26 Feb 1989- 1 Sep 1990 (633 performances + 55 previews that began on 9 Jan 1989). Cast: Jason Alexander (as "The Setter/Emcee/Pseudolus/Pa/Cigar/Tevye/Floy"), 'Charlotte d'Amboise' (qv), Robert La Fosse, Susann Fletcher, Nancy Hess, Susan Kikuchi, Michael Kubala, Jane Lanier, Joey McKneely, Luis Perez, Faith Prince, Debbie Shapiro, Scitt Wise, Richard Amaro, Dorothy Benham, Jeffrey Lee Broadhurst, Christophe Caballero, Mindy Cartwright, Irene Cho, Jamie Cohen, Jamie Cohen, Camille de Ganon, Donna Di Meo, Donna Marie Elio, Mark Esposito, Scott Fowler, Angelo H. Fraboni, Ramon Galindo, Nicholas Garr, Gregory Garrison, Carolyn Goor, Michael Scott Gregory, Andrew Grose, Alexia Hess, Louise Hickey, Eric A. Hoisington, Barbara Hoon, JoAnn M. Hunter, 'Scott Jovovich' (qv), Pamela Khoury, Robert La Fosse, Mary Ann Lamb, David Lowenstein, Michael Lynch, Greta Martin, Joey McKneely, Julio Monge, Troy Myers, Maria Neenan, Jack Noseworthy, Steve Ochoa, Kelly Patterson, James Rivera, Tom Robbins, George Russell, Greg Schanuel, Renée Stork, 'Mary Ellen Stuart' (qv), Linda Talcott, Leslie Trayer, Ellen Troy, Andi Tyler, Elaine Wright, Barbara Yeager, Alice Yearsley. Produced by The Shubert Organization (Gerald Schoenfeld: Chairman. Bernard B. Jacobs: President), Roger Berlind, Suntory International Corporation, Byron Goldman and 'Emanuel Azenberg' (qv). Produced in association with PACE Theatrical Group Inc. Note: Mr. Berlin died on 22 Sep 1989.

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