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Italian Dragon
5' 10"
Italy's first martial arts action star Christian Bachini, growing up watching Hong Kong martial arts films and inspired by his childhood idols such as Jackie Chan and the late great Bruce Lee, determined to make an impact on the martial arts genre, left everything behind and moved to China in 2009 to write his own legacy in action cinema. As a professional actor combined with over 14 years of training in traditional kung fu, modern wushu, extreme martial arts, Tae Kwon Do, Capoeira, and many other combat styles, after starring in several independent action movies produced by local production houses and his experience acting on the set of the Hong Kong action hit film, Ip Man 2, Christian begins to launch a new wave for the action genre in Shanghai. Incorporating stylized and visual dazzling Asian martial arts with western fighting styles as well as extreme martial arts, parkour, Jujitsu, and Capoeira, he gave birth to a new mix of fighting arts. His Star Vehicle short movie _Kang: The New Legend Begins (2010) (V)_ (qv), written and directed by Richard Chung, represented his most recent victory as it won the "Best Action Sequence Martial Arts Short" award at the "Action On Film International Film Festival 2010" in Pasadena, California. To match with his strong self confidence and never say die attitude, Christian adopted the name "Kang" which means "to counter and resist" in Chinese, to show his dedication and determination to create a new action style that showcase the efficient and hard hitting Western style of fighting with Chinese kung fu's visually impressive fight choreography that uses no wires, stunt doubles, or use of CGI.
Charlie Cooper

-   He likes to incorporate in his fight coreography different martial arts styles

-   He always executes his own stunts himself

-   He shot both _Kang: The New Legend Begins (2010) (V)_ (qv) and _The Way of the Spur (2012)_ (qv) despite an ACL injury on his right knee, performing all stunts and fighting himself nevertheless.

-   (2011) Appeared as Guest Star in Chinese rapper Eyedee's music video "Get Some" ft Zang Baba and MC MaJun

-   (2011) Co-produced Daddy Chang's music video "Hip Hop De Zhong Zhi"

-   (2011) Appeared in Chinese rapper Eyedee's music video "Get Some" ft Daddy Chang and MC MaJun

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Movies Produced

  1. The Way of the Spur (2012) (producer)
  2. Honour and Lies (2009) (producer)
  3. The Final Meeting (2009) (producer)


  1. The Way of the Spur (2012) (martial arts choreographer)
  2. Kang: The New Legend Begins (2010) (V) (choreographer)
  3. Qing Long Bang (2010) (martial arts coordinator)