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biography of Bain, Robin (I)

12 February 1980, Indiana, USA
5' 5"

-   (2008) Appeared alongside Rock Star, Gene Simmons, in a TV commercial promoting his hit television series "Gene Simmons: Family Jewels."

-   (2006) TV commercial for The NFL Network

-   (September 28, 2009) Appeared live on the Worldwide broadcast radio show, Monday Night Mayhem, Home of Wrestling Radio; with WWE Celebrity, Jimmy Noonan.

-   (2004) Music Video Director, directed Maria Brink of "In This Moment"

-   (2005) Music Video Director, "Clark Family Experience," a.k.a. "Sons of Sylvia"

-   (2006) Music Video Director, L.A. based band, "Honky Stomp"

-   (2006) Music Video Director, L.A. based band, "Aerial"

-   "Daily Variety" (USA), 6 December 2007, by: Byron Perry, "Players"

-   "" (USA), October 2002, "Playboy Cyber Girl"

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