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Golden Globe nominee Edward Bass is not only an acclaimed filmmaker but a syndicated satirist. His indoctrination to the entertainment world began early in life when his family, between ski trips and weekends in New York and Vacations in Las Vegas, arranged backstage visits with notables such as Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Milton Berle (an artist he would later go on to manage) and Harry Belafonte, who taught him how to water ski at Lake Mead. In his years at Beverly Hills High School, his home was always a place for impromptu get-together and concerts. Bass went on to manage a range of talents, from ballerinas to boxers. One boxer included Julio Caesar Chavez, whom under Bass' wings was made the highest priced super middleweight boxer in the history of the sport. Bass also produced such musicals and events as Bob Hope Day, "Great Moments on Stage," with the Nicholas Brothers and the musical "Stardust," with Toni Tenille and Tony Award winner Hinton Battle. He also arranged for President Gerald Ford and his wife Betty to present his partner Stanley Kramer with a special accommodation to a roomful of Democrats at the unusual venue of the Roxbury Nightclub. All the more amazing was that Bass was the first liberal among them. Bass also pioneered the breaking of the AIDS stigma in the US in a huge way by orchestrating a public appearance between Ronald Reagan and Ryan White, a young man expelled from school after becoming infected with the HIV virus from a contaminated blood treatment. This maneuver by Bass brought Reagan out of seclusion to publicly support AIDS research, which pushed even the Iran-Contra news event to the back pages. After founding a modeling agency in Paris, Bass went on to publish Metropolitan Magazine and had over a hundred columns and political commentary items published worldwide. Edward is proud of each film he's done, as they have all been accepted into major film festivals, gaining him countless accolades for his projects. He flipped his past experiences and childhood pains into bottomless well of creativity and has managed to make his mark in the profession he always dreamed of. Bass' challenging life has provided him with the insights, drive and creativity to enjoy and excel in the challenges of the film industry. His films, documentaries and plays have all been as complex and diversified as his real life. He has been called an opinionated and determined producer, descriptions evident in his incredible knack for choosing the right actors for the right roles and projects, over and over again. As of January 2012, he is a producer on Tar, starring James Franco, Mila Kunis, and Michelle Williams, as well as a producer on The Hunt, which he wrote with Director Jeremy Workman. Also in 2012 he is producing Wrong Number, Red Dog, Black Dog, and Holy Land, all with James Franco/Rabbit Bandini and Victorino Noval, producers.

-   A friend of producer 'Michel Litvak' (qv).

-   Bass teaches acting and has initiated a program for handicapable young filmmakers. He founded "Bold Film" with Michel Litvak.

-   (2008) Currently resides between Tribeca loft and Beverly Hills estate.

-   Received the Circle of Excellence Award in Washington, DC in May 2007.

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