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Brannon Paul Bates
27 May 1972, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Brannon Paul Bates is an American actor and musician. Born in Atlanta, Georgia to Mona Lisa Bates and Jim Paul Bates, and he is the older brother to Cheyenne Luck Bates. His father was in the Army and his mother a devout church volunteer. At 10 years old the family moved to the small Mayberry-like town of County-Line, Georgia where he attended County-Line Elementary which was less than 100 students. He was a devoted football player beginning at 4 years old. He was a lineman his first year and was then a running-back and linebacker through high-school when he stopped playing because of a shoulder injury that left him paralyzed on the field for five minutes. Bates had questionable grades in high-school mostly due to girls and his rock band. He was nominated for five superlatives including Best Personality and Most Attractive, but didn't receive any of them because they weren't sure if he was going to graduate or not. To make up for failing classes he would attend school all day and then drive to another county where they were offering night classes so he could graduate. Bates was very involved in his church theater group and he was in choir in both school and church. After graduating he was in a rock-band that won "best band" in a statewide contest and was slated for a recording deal. Now 19 years old he felt he was too young and not experienced enough to handle the girls, drugs, and fame that come with success at such an early age. So he quit the band and moved to Ohio where he graduated from Valor College with an associates degree in Bible Study. After college, Bates moved back to Georgia and worked hard in the hot summer to save for his move to Los Angeles. After saving enough to move, he was visiting family in Florida to give a last goodbye when he was involved in a near fatal motorcycle accident which crushed most of the bones in both of his wrists. Because he hit a curb riding over 100 mph, he was thrown high in the air which sent him through the "Welcome to Pensacola" sign. A piece of wood debris hit Bates in the face, missing his eye by millimeters. He wore two casts for several months and it took three years for full recovery and use of his hands. "The worst part was that I would get trapped in the bathroom because I couldn't turn the doorknob, I would be in there for over an hour, sometimes, yelling for help". After his accident, Bates was back at zero, saving once again for a move to Los Angeles. Working as a ballroom dance instructor, at Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Duluth, Georgia, he met who would soon be his wife, Larisa Bates. He and his wife moved to Los Angeles in 2004 where she had instant success as a ballroom dance instructor and he became a studio brat working odd acting jobs, stand-in work, and commercials. It was here that he was a stand-in for one of the Baldwin brothers, worked shoulder to shoulder with the best in the business like Brad and Angelina, Clint Eastwood, Scarlett Johansson and dozens more of Hollywood's elite. He also trained at Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theater in Los Angeles, The Sanford Meisner Center in Los Angeles, Upright Citizens Brigade LA, and Second City LA. During this time Bates was sharpening his music skills as well by playing all of the best clubs in Hollywood including the legendary Rainbow Room which has been graced by the greatest rock legends of all time. Bates also recorded a CD titled "Brannon". In 2007 Bates invented the music character Brand-0 where he turned heads with his music video on MTV setting what would become a huge trend with "The Brando" hairstyle. In 2010 Bates took what he had learned from the great directors and actors, and started Cherokee Productions where he made the high caliber special-fx driven film-noir Payback Jack in which he starred and directed with some in Hollywood calling him the next Quentin Tarantino as a director and the next Clark Gable as an actor. As of 2012 Bates is still happily married and living in Los Angeles, CA.
John Lamint

-   'Larisa Bates' (qv) (27 June 2004 - present)

-   Married to Ballroom Dancer Larisa Bates.

-   Also known as musician Brando.

-   His first job was as a stand-in for Stephen Baldwin which lead to his first break receiving a SAG role.

-   Began playing guitar at age 9.

-   Is a huge football fan with San-Francisco 49'ers and the Atlanta Falcons as his teams.

-   Trained at Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theater in Los Angeles, The Sanford Meisner Center in Los Angeles, Upright Citizens Brigade LA, and Second City LA.

-   Received a 2 year associates degree from Valor College in Columbus Ohio in Bible Study.

-   Was nominated for five superlatives in high-school including; Best Looking, and Best Personality. He ended up not receiving any because of questionable grades.

-   Played football from 5 years old through high-school and was a running back and a linebacker as well as a kick-off return running-back. He stopped playing after a shoulder injury that paralyzed him for five minutes during practice.

-   Brother-in-law of CNN host Edgar Treiguts.

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