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30 November ????, Garden City, New York, USA
5' 7"
Judi just won "Best Actress" at the NY Independent Film Festival for her work in _Only in Paris (2009)_ (qv). She most recently finished "The Warrior and The Savior" directed by Salvatore Sorrentino shot in New York May. She most recently played a tough detective, in the indie feature _Cameraman(2011)_ starring opposite Pruitt Taylor Vince. She went on to a well-received role in "Emoticon" directed by Christian Lara, shot it Burgandy, France. But Judi is perhaps best known for her work in the highly anticipated video game for Sony, _Heavy Rain (2010) (VG)_ (qv), where she played popular lead character "Madison Paige" (VO and mocap). Judi's talents were also show-cased when she starred in a short at Cannes which won best film amid tough competition. Judi's first professional acting job in America was with Woody Allen in "Coop Italia", a string of TV commercials for the Italian market. She's modeled in France, Italy and New York, sang in the south of France, next to the Gypsy Kings and appeared in Cologne and Barcelona as a chanteuse. She has performed in more than eleven Off-Broadway original theater productions starred in numerous SAG independent films and played a Stepford wife in the remake of "The Stepford Wives," directed by Frank OZ. She's had recurring roles on the "Bold and the Beautiful" & "As the World Turns." has co-guest starred on "Law and Order," "Jag," "The Shield" and "Once and Again". Starred in dozens of commercials, read the voices of 11 characters in the animated feature "Humphrey," recurring roles in the animated TV series "Digimon", as well as played a 90 year old woman in a sex radio talk show. On the other side of the camera, Judi most recently put her creativity and quirkiness on the line as she directed and produced "The Can Cannes" currently in post. Produced, directed and starred in "The Gourmet Dinner" which screened at the "No Dance Film Festival" at Sundance. Produced, directed and starred in the docu-feature "Finding Isabelle: A search for life after death" shot in Los Angeles and Paris, currently in post-production, as well as produced and starred in _Only in Paris (2009)_ (qv) which showed at Cannes, Monnaco, Clearwarter, Boca, Hoboken and now showing currently at NY Independent Film and Video Festival. As a result of trying to find the "right" sound for the film. Judi became a singer/song-writer. Composing and performing all the music in the film. Her New York training includes work with acting masters including Uta Hagen, Bill Hickey, Bobby Lewis, Elaine Strich, (Master class), Stella Adler Conservatory and Kathryn Gately (2yr Meisner program). In Los Angeles.she's studied with Larry Moss and Gordon Hunt. Today, Judi is in the France for the Cannes Film Festival and to work on her Album. "Ooh la la Paris".

-   She has dual nationality and fluency in French, Italian and English. She works between New York, Los Angeles and Paris.

-   She loves travel, speaking foreign languages, ballroom & Latin dancing, the ocean, nature, spirituality and yoga.

-   "Play" (UK), 21 May 2010, Vol. play, Iss. 193, pg. 012, by: Jonathan Gordon, "The Other Madison Play: Voice Actress Judi Beecher reveals her role in making Heavy Rain"

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  2. The Gourmet Dinner (2002) (producer)


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