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Sean Biggerstaff
15 March 1983, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
5' 9"
Sean Biggerstaff was born to a firefighter and a community education worker. He joined a local drama group and he acted as "Augustus Gloop" in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". After that, for six years, he joined the Scottish Youth Theatre. It was there he got his big break when 'Alan Rickman' (qv) asked him be Tom in _The Winter Guest (1997)_ (qv). That appearance led to the role of Oliver Wood in _Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)_ (qv).He continued the role of Oliver in the following Harry Potter movie, _Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)_ (qv).
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-   Used to play guitar for the band Crambo and sang on the chorus of their song "Norman Blake".

-   Has an official site, He interacts with his fans through his diary and his official message board, where he occasionally posts.

-   He started acting at 5

-   He went to school in Milngavie (just outside of Glasgow)

-   He joined his local drama group, the Maryhill Youth Theater at 7

-   Learned to play the guitar by ear and has been playing since he was thirteen.

-   First song ever learned was "Scentless Apprentice" by Nirvana

-   Has a younger sister, Jenny, born in 2000.

-   His character Oliver Wood was cut from _Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)_ (qv) due to time constraints.

-   His favorite movie is _Ghost Busters (1984)_ (qv).

-   Reprised his role as Oliver Wood in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2" in an uncredited cameo.

-   Plays guitar with the Glasgow band, Wrongnote.

-   Won a BAFTA-Scotland award for Best Actor-Television, for 'Consenting Adults' in 2007.

-   Played Matt "Girl with Red Hair", Edinburgh Royal Lyceum/ Hampstead Theatre (2005).

-   Played the son of MacDuff in "MacBeth", Tron Theatre, Glasgow.

-   Doctor Who's "Shada" (2003) - Sean plays Chris Parson's in BBC's Flash Animated Webcast of an old episode written by Douglas Adams for the 40th Anniversary of Doctor Who

-   Bright Sparks: BBC's Kid's TV Show (1998)

-   Copperfield and The Lost World, which penetrates to the heart of the charismatic monarch who was deeply traumatized by the execution of his father

-   Beauty and The Beast (With SYT)

-   Two Weeks with the Queen (With SYT

-   Hamlet (With SYT

-   Much Ado About Nothing (With SYT

-   The Peter Pan Man (With SYT)

-   Sleeping Beauty (With SYT)

-   Macbeth (With SYT)

-   Macbeth (Tron Theatre/Dundee Rep)

-   It can be a bit irritating when someone asks me how the new film's coming along when I haven't worked on Harry Potter for two years. Generally speaking, I have no problem with it. Most actors go through their careers without ever being involved in something so spectacular, so I think it would be a bit ignorant of me to object to being associated with it. Harry Potter is an amazing thing. I'm not just being diplomatic here either. I'm still reminded regularly of what a unique experience it was.

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