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Chalet Lizette started out with modeling at age 6. At age 7, she was asked to read some lines for a film from Jack Skyyler Productions. From there, it's been non stop.Being in all different types of film including horror, western,action-thrillers,true story biography and more. She has made video's for Walt Disney including video's at Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. Her one desire she has, is to someday walk down the isle and receive her Oscar to which she credits her dad Producer Glenn Brannan as having the drive to push her to success. She has appeared with some very known stars and has many movies that she even played as a lead at age 7. Her acting singling and dancing coach includes Mark Wright who teaches some Disney cast members. Chalet is a one of a kind girl and according to IMDb she is one of the fastest growing child stars of today. Her agents and managers are constantly thrilled at what she has accomplished just at her age.
Chalet Lizette Brannan

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  1. The Shooting: Story of the Kane Brothers (2013) (co-producer)
  2. Live-In Fear (2012) (associate producer)
  3. Night Aboard the Salem (2012) (executive producer)