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6 May 1989, Los Angeles, California, USA
Growing up in New Orleans, LA Joshua decided to become an Actor at very young age. But that dream never became a reality. With the push of his parents through school, it was very hard for Joshua to focus on his acting career. Once his mom knew and understood that what her son wanted to do was not only just a dream but a goal. She quickly decided to sign him to a small casting agency in Louisiana called "Louisiana Casting". Joshua received his first stand-in in 2003. That project was nun other than Queen Latifah's "Last Holiday". Only age 13, Joshua was determined to meet the actress, but never got the chance to. Years pasted and Joshua had not received any phone calls for any work. Despite Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Joshua was determined to become a Actor. Finishing high school in Baton Rouge, La in 2007. Joshua decided to enroll himself into Southern University in Baton Rouge because it was close to home. While in college Joshua would posted himself online to different casting website to try and get work. It was not until Spring 2011 that Joshua received a phone call that would change his life forever..

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