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21 October 1968, Santa Barbara County, California, USA

-   Suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2002, when three assailants attacked him with a baseball bat to his head outside of his apartment in West Hollywood, CA. After two years of rehabilitation, he was able to regain most of his cognitive and physical abilities, but permanently lost much of his eyesight and his ability to read. He learned to use an ear prompter in order to work again as an actor. His main work is in voice over.

-   "Los Angeles Times" (USA), 2 June 2003, pg. A1+A15, by: Nita Lelyveld, "West Hollywood Assault Victim Faces Life Sentence; With brain damage and partial blindness, he finds support in unexpected places"

-   "" (USA), 2 October 2002, "Three arrested in attack on gay man in West Hollywood"

-   "Gay.Com " (USA), Sept 2002 , by: Tom Musbach , "Gay Actor Beaten, Hate Crime Suspected "

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  1. Bizarre World (2000) (TV) (segment producer)