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Carles Brugueras began his career as an actor after studying at the Institut del Teatre, Barcelona, Spain. He then moved into advertising, managing production and directing post-production for various Barcelona production companies until 1997 when he founded Polar Star Films. As Executive Producer of the company he successfully combines commercial and independent production.
Carles Brugueras

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Movies Produced

  1. Google and the World Brain (2013) (executive producer)
  2. El Club (2009) (executive producer)
  3. Fragile Ground (2009) (executive producer)
  4. Chat noir (2008/II) (executive producer)
  5. Lazarus Taxon (2008) (producer)
  6. Mañana al mar (2006) (producer)
  7. The Devil's Miner (2005) (co-executive producer)
  8. Les Banyistes (2004) (producer)