Buckley, Jim (II) Biography

biography of Buckley, Jim (II)

James Buckley

-   Co-founder, with 'Al Goldstein' (qv), of the influential 1960s sex newspaper "Screw" magazine.

-   Brother of 'David Buckley (IV)' (qv).

-   Come and Judge

-   Candy Lips

-   "Swank" (USA), April 1982, Vol. 29, Iss. 4, pg. 58, by: Michael Mckenzie, "April Fools!"

-   "Absolu" (France), October 1975, Iss. 15, pg. 58-60, by: François Jouffa, "Le premier festival du film porno à Paris"

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  1. Angel Buns (1981) (written by) (as Jim MacKenzie) <1,1,1>
  2. Little Darlin's (1981) (written by) (as Jim Clark) <1,1,1>
  3. SOS: Screw on the Screen (1975) (written by) (as The Famous Jim Buckley) <1,1,1>

Movies Produced

  1. Angel Buns (1981) (producer) (as Jim MacKenzie)
  2. Debbie Does Dallas Part II (1981) (producer) (as Jim Clarke)
  3. Little Darlin's (1981) (producer) (as Jim Clark)
  4. Young, Wild and Wonderful (1980) (producer) (as Jim Clark)
  5. Debbie Does Dallas (1978) (producer) (as Jim Clark)
  6. Teenage Pajama Party (1977) (producer) (as Jim Clark)
  7. Kitty Can't Help It (1975) (producer)
  8. It Happened in Hollywood (1973) (producer)