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Richard Franklin Caffey
13 December 1928, San Francisco, California, USA
18 March 1980, Los Angeles, California, USA
A native of San Francisco, Richard Caffey graduated UCLA with a degree in business administration, but headed straight for the set of the science fiction classic, 'George Pal' (qv)'s _The War of the Worlds (1953)_ (qv), on which he was assistant director. He subsequently served as production manager on scores of major movies, including _A Place in the Sun (1951)_ (qv) and 'Cecil B. DeMille' (qv)'s _The Ten Commandments (1956)_ (qv) (on which his brother, 'Michael Caffey' (qv), was assistant editor). As a television producer he helmed such popular series as _"Combat!" (1962)_ (qv), _"Jigsaw John" (1976)_ (qv) and _"Medical Center" (1969)_ (qv). Named to head MGM's video arm, he was instrumental in developing a succession of hit shows, including _"CHiPs" (1977)_ (qv), _"Logan's Run" (1977)_ (qv) and _"How the West Was Won" (1978)_ (qv). Caffey was head of production at MGM Televison when the concept of a new, updated screen version of _"Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" (1979)_ (qv)--studded with space-age special effects--was brought to his attention.
A. Nonymous

-   'Suzanne Morris' (28 December 1968 - 18 March 1980) (his death); 1 child

-   Uncle of 'Charlotte Caffey' (qv).

-   Son of 'Frank Caffey' (qv).

-   Brother of 'Michael Caffey' (qv).

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