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biography of Campbell, Scott (I)

Scott Herbert Carl Campbell
5' 11"
Scott Campbell was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He began writing poetry at the age of seven and songs at age eight. He shot his first film at the age of 12 and spent his high school years making short films and learning drums, guitar, keyboards, saxophone, oboe and multitrack audio recording. Scott appeared in three of the earliest American karaoke videos and an 'Aretha Franklin' (qv) music video. He also contributed the song "I Am An Accident Waiting To Happen" to the _Mirror Mirror (1990)_ (qv) soundtrack. His first full-length CD, "The Decline & Fall of Scott Campbell", was released on August 8, 2000.

-   (2000) CD: "The Decline & Fall of Scott Campbell"

-   "The Metro Times" (USA), 21 December 2011, Vol. 32, Iss. 11, pg. 22, by: Brett Callwood, "Silly Politics"

-   "Detroit Free Press" (United States), 24 September 2000, pg. 6G, by: Terry Lawson, "The Detroit Disc"

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  1. Mirror Mirror (1990)