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18 November 1966, Hull, Humberside, England, UK
6' 1"
Since his appearance in Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows (2010) as a handraising, trainstopping, carriageboarding, kidscaring Death Eater! Jon has been perusing much darker film roles. Born In Yorkshire and originally an Aerospace engineer Jon has developed a compelling, unique and very striking look, and a style that has brought a string of excitingly unusual and very challenging roles. From the violently iconic Diggs in the soon to be released 'Hard Shoulder' to the Drunken desperation of Father Lawrence in 'The Zombie King' working with Corey Feldman and Edward Furlong. Jon has also been very fortunate to be involved with several ground breaking projects like 'The Underwater Realm', 'Bloody Cuts' and 'Sleeping Dogs'. During early 2012 Jon worked with Former 2 times WBO world champion Steve Collins, playing the lead in the highly anticipated 'Tax City' a no holds barred tale of life in London's notorious cardboard City. may 2012 saw splitting his time between London and Pisa where he filming on 'Zombie Massacre' playing Doug Mulligan an up-in-your-face trailer trash/hippy yank trying to save the his dog, his girl, and the world. Jon's easy going nature, striking appearance, on-screen intensity and eagerness to embrace the unusual and the demanding make him a top choice for directors, writers and producers and he looks forwards to the challenges to come. If you can work with him... do! Jon is also a highly skilled photographer, shooting both as a hobby and professionally. And to relax, he likes to write a little dark/comedic poetry.
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-   Often cast in scary/crazy roles

-   Jon once had the pleasure directing Robert Hardy as 'Winston Churchill' at Churchill's birthplace - Blenheim Palace.

-   Before becoming an actor Jon worked for Bae. systems, building bits of the Hairier Jump Jet, the 146 passenger jet and the Hawk (the plane the Red arrows fly).

-   In harry Potter 7 Jon slammed the Hogwarts carriage door open so hard he smashed the handle clean off.

-   During the filming of Tax City, Jon had to fight former 2 times world champion Boxer Steve Collins.

-   TV commercial: Renault Megane

-   TV commercial: Lottomatica

-   TV commercial: ITV Quiz

-   (June 2008) Italian TV commercial for Lottomatica As Robinson Crusoe - Dir Matteo Pellegrinii

-   "shock horror" (UK), 1 February 2012, Iss. 7, pg. 39, by: Dean Boor, "All Hail The Zombie king"

-   "Shock Horror" (UK), 15 August 2010, Vol. 1, Iss. 1, pg. 26, by: Nick lean, "The Directors Chair"

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