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Roberto M. Cannavale
3 May 1970, Union City, New Jersey, USA
6' 2 1/2"
In both career and in real life, Bobby Cannavale tends to choose the unconventional way of doing things. In the beginning, his decisions may have cost the dark, swarthily good-looking actor some acting roles and/or good-paying money but, in the end, his strong work ethic and sense of self, despite a lack of formal training, allowed him to take a successful path off the crowded acting trail. From character goofball and cut-up, he has broken into the leading man ranks with his recent starring role as a reincarnated matchmaker in the TV series _"Cupid" (2009)_ (qv). Born Roberto M. Cannavale in Union City, New Jersey, to an Italian father and Cuban mother, he was involved in various activities at his Union City Catholic school, St. Michaels, while growing up. An altar boy, choir boy and lector, he also appeared in the church school's various musicals including his very first, "Guys and Dolls", in which he showed up as one of the gangsters, and "The Music Man", appearing as the lisping, scene-stealing tyke, "Winthrop". Bobby's parents divorced when he was 13 and his Cuban mother moved the family to Puerto Rico for a couple of years. Eventually, they returned to the States and settled in Coconut Creek, Florida, where he attended high school. Restless and uncomfortable in any sort of regimented setting, he often got suspended for playing the class clown. Graduating in the late 1980s, and bitten by the acting bug, Bobby chose to return to the New York/New Jersey area in order to jump start an acting career. Working in bars to support himself, he again avoided the confines of an acting school and, instead, gained experience as a "reader" on occasion with the Naked Angels theatre company. During this time (1994), he met and married 'Jenny Lumet' (qv), the actress-daughter of director 'Sidney Lumet' (qv). They had son, Jake, the following year. The couple divorced in 2003. Spotted by playwright 'Lanford Wilson' (qv) while performing in an East Village production of 'Larry Kramer (I)' (qv)'s "The Normal Heart", Bobby was invited to join Wilson's prestigious Circle Repertory Theatre. As a "reader" for several of the company's, he eventually earned stage parts in "Chilean Holidays" (1996) and in Wilson's "Virgil Is Still the Frog Boy". He also went on to serve as understudy to and replaced 'Mark Linn-Baker' (qv) for a time in a 1998 production of "A Flea in Her Ear". A noticeable role in the company's play, "The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told" by 'Paul Rudnick' (qv), led to Bobby's being cast in the recurring role of a tugboat operator in the TV series _"Trinity" (1998)_ (qv). Having only appeared in bit parts thus far in such movies as _Night Falls on Manhattan (1996)_ (qv), directed by Lumet, and _I'm Not Rappaport (1996)_ (qv), it was "Trinity" creator 'John Wells (III)' (qv) who caught Bobby's stage performance and handed him this career-making break on camera. Bobby's "nice-guy" aura and blue-collar charm proved invaluable, if a bit restrictive. Once the "Trinity" series ended, Wells cast the 6'3" lug with the trademark caterpillar brows and crooked smile as lovelorn paramedic "Bobby Caffey" in his series _"Third Watch" (1999)_ (qv). The character became quite popular but Bobby, again feeling restricted and wishing to broaden his horizon as an actor, asked to be released from the show -- but "in a big way". Creator Wells obliged and had the paramedic fatally shot in the chest and then experience a "beyond the grave" union with his character's deceased, ne'er-do-well dad. Bobby next joined the cast of father-in-law 'Sidney Lumet' (qv)'s acclaimed TV courtroom drama _"100 Centre Street" (2001)_ (qv), starring 'Alan Arkin' (qv), cast against type as a brazenly opportunistic prosecutor. He subsequently earned recurring roles on _"Ally McBeal" (1997)_ (qv) (in 2002) and _"Six Feet Under" (2001)_ (qv) (in 2004). As for films, Bobby was featured in _Gloria (1999)_ (qv), _The Bone Collector (1999)_ (qv), _Washington Heights (2002)_ (qv) and _The Guru (2002)_ (qv) by the time he scored as the gregarious truck driver in the critically-hailed indie film _The Station Agent (2003)_ (qv), which paired him intriguingly opposite the diminutive actor 'Peter Dinklage' (qv). Unwilling to shirk away from more controversial roles such as his gay drug dealer who has the hots for a fellow prisoner in the acclaimed series _"Oz" (1997)_ (qv) or his closeted dancing neophyte in the film comedy _Shall We Dance (2004)_ (qv) starring 'Richard Gere' (qv), Bobby continued to elevate his status seesawing between film (_The Devil and Daniel Webster (2003)_ (qv), _Happy Endings (2005)_ (qv), _Romance & Cigarettes (2005)_ (qv)) and TV assignments (the miniseries _"Kingpin" (2003)_ (qv)). He earned big viewer points with his recurring portrayal of "Will Truman"'s dour cop/boyfriend on the hit sitcom _"Will & Grace" (1998)_ (qv) in 2004 and won a "Guest Star" Emmy award in the process. Elsewhere, on stage, he merited attention in such productions as "Hurlyburly" and earned a Tony Award nomination for his 2007 Broadway debut in "Mauritius". After five consecutive failed pilots, Bobby has come front-and-center with his quirky starring role in the ABC series _"Cupid" (2009)_ (qv), while continuing to rake up credits on the big screen (_The Merry Gentleman (2008)_ (qv), _Diminished Capacity (2008)_ (qv), _The Take (2007)_ (qv), _100 Feet (2008)_ (qv)). He is definitely here to stay.
Gary Brumburgh /

-   'Jenny Lumet' (qv) (1994 - 2003) (divorced); 1 child

-   He is a member of the Circle Repertory Theatre and the Lab Theatre Company, both based in New York City.

-   His father is Italian and his mother is Cuban.

-   He was born in Union City, New Jersey, but grew up in Coconut Creek, Florida.

-   He studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in New York.

-   Was married to 'Jenny Lumet' (qv), who is 'Sidney Lumet' (qv)'s daughter and 'Lena Horne' (qv)'s granddaughter. They have a son, Jacob Cannavale, born 1995.

-   Ex-brother-in-law of 'Amy Lumet' (qv) and 'P.J. O'Rourke' (qv).

-   Has played roles covering each of the New York City's three major emergency response agencies (police officer on _"Will & Grace" (1998)_ (qv), firefighter on _The Guru (2002)_ (qv), paramedic on _"Third Watch" (1999)_ (qv)).

-   Attended Coconut Creek High School, where he graduated in 1987. He was a member of the school's drama troupe. He was slated to play "Sir," one of the two lead roles in the school's spring, 1987 production of the musical "The Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Crowd," but was suspended from school days before opening night for allegedly leaving an explicit letter critical of the school staff in a library copy machine. An understudy from BCC's theater program (himself a Coconut Creek High School graduate) agreed to step in to replace the suspended Cannavale.

-   Always knew that he wanted to be an actor, and as a child seeking refuge from his bad neighborhood, started performing in a church theater company.

-   Coming from a broken home, he sought teenage solace watching movies. _Rebel Without a Cause (1955)_ (qv) and _Cool Hand Luke (1967)_ (qv) impacted him the most.

-   Was nominated for a Tony Award in 2011 for Best Performance by an Actor in a Play for Stephen Adly Guirgis's "The Motherfucker with the Hat.".

-   Was nominated for a Tony Award in 2008 for Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Play for "Mauritius".

-   Had a relationship with actress 'Annabella Sciorra' (qv) from 2004 to 2007.

-   Member of a notable Lee Strasberg alumni: 'Al Pacino' (qv) , 'Robert De Niro' (qv), 'James Dean (I)' (qv), 'Marilyn Monroe' (qv), 'Steve McQueen (I)' (qv), 'Paul Newman (I)' (qv), 'Christopher Walken' (qv), 'Dennis Hopper' (qv), 'Matt Zemlin' (qv) and others.

-   His son, Jake Cannavale (born 1995), plays his son on "Nurse Jackie".

-   His numerous stage credits include 'Paul Rudnick' (qv)'s "The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told"; 'Lanford Wilson' (qv)'s "Virgil Is Still the Frog Boy", 'Noel Coward' (qv)'s "In Two Keys", "The Young Man and the World" and 'Georges Feydeau' (qv)'s farce "A Flea in Her Ear".

-   (2005, April) Appears in the role of "Phil" in the 'David Rabe' (qv) play, "Hurlburly", at the 37 Arts Theatre, New York, NY, USA.

-   Was the voice of "Babe Ciarlo" in 'Ken Burns (I)' (qv)' _"The War" (2007)_ (qv).

-   The Motherfucker with the Hat (2011). Comedy. Written by 'Stephen Adly Guirgis' (qv). Original Music by Terence Blanchard. Fight Choreographer: 'Paul Calderon (I)' (qv). Assistant Director: Cat Miller. Directed by Anna D. Shapiro. Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre: 11 Apr 2011- 17 Jul 2011 (112 performances + 28 previews that began on 15 Mar 2011). Cast: 'Bobby Cannavale' (qv) (as "Jackie"), 'Chris Rock (I)' (qv) (as "Ralph D."), Elizabeth Rodriguez (as "Veronica"), Annabella Sciorra (as "Victoria"), Yul Vázquez (as "Cousin Julio"). Understudies: Rosal Colon (as "Veronica/Victoria"), 'Ron C. Jones' (qv) [credited as Ron Cephas Jones] (as "Ralph D."), Alfredo Narciso (as "Cousin Julio/Jackie"). Produced by Scott Rudin, Stuart Thompson, Public Theater Productions (Oskar Eustis, Artistic Director. Joey Parnes, Executive Producer), LAByrinth Theater Company, Fabula Media Partners LLC, Jean Doumanian, Ruth Hendel, Carl Moellenberg, Jon B. Platt and Tulchin Bartner/Jamie de Roy.

-   (December 8 2012-January 20 2013) Stage play: "Glengarry Glen Ross" - playing Ricky Roma in the Broadway revival of 'David Mamet' (qv)'s play. With 'Al Pacino' (qv), 'David Harbour (I)' (qv), 'John C. McGinley' (qv), 'Richard Schiff' (qv), 'Jeremy Shamos' (qv) and 'Murphy Guyer' (qv). Direction by 'Daniel Sullivan (V)' (qv) [Schoenfeld Theater, New York]

-   I'm not very good in a classroom sort of setting. I never was. I was kind of a clown in high school--got suspended a lot.

-   I think what makes really good drama is that the event that's happening in the two hours that you're watching is the biggest event of [the character's] life. Even if it's mundane, even if it's somebody going through some sort of midlife crisis that on the page seems very mundane, to me, their inner life has to be that it's the biggest event of their life.

-   I like flawed characters very much. A lot of times I get asked to do parts that are kind of small but key -- three-scene roles that are three kick-ass scenes. Growing up, watching as many movies as I did, I was always into character actors like that.

-   I don't go see big, silly movies. I like small things about regular folks, you know? I always wanted to have a career that would keep me at home in New York so I can work in the theater all the time and be involved in the creative process from the ground up. I don't think there's a lot of room for vanity when you're developing things.

-   I was in Cannes a couple of years ago. Which, you know, I was like, Wow, holy s-, I'm in Cannes. I've never been there before. I was there with a movie. And it was the anniversary of _Platoon (1986)_ (qv), which is another movie that if it's on, it just brings me back to being 15 years old and memorizing every monologue from that movie. It was like a real actor movie. And Tom Berenger was freaking' great in that movie, and I met him at this anniversary screening. We're all black tie, and I walked up to my lawyer, who also represents him, and I had a glass of red wine in my hand. And he said, "This is 'Tom Berenger' (qv)." I said, "Oh, man. I gotta tell you, I memorized that whole monologue." And I start doing the monologue, and he was so flattered. And we're laughing, laughing, and it's like two minutes in, and I'm drinking my wine, and this other guy made a joke and I spit my red wine, all of it, all over Tom Berenger. I mean, like, I just projectiled all of it, all over him. And as he stood there looking down at his shirt and at me, from the dais Oliver Stone said, "I want to introduce the cast. First, Tom Berenger," and he just looked at me, like, Who the f- are you? And he went up on stage covered in wine.

-   I never thought I would get married and have kids. I thought I was going to be a gypsy actor, traveling all over the world playing the great roles. I ended up having a kid very young, and it put things in perspective. He became the most important person in my life, and everything else seemed to fall into place. I've made decisions that perhaps have not let me go as far in my career, but I'm totally fine with that because it's kept me close to my son.

-   (May 2011) Dating 'Sutton Foster' (qv).

-   "Entertainment Weekly" (USA), 17 October 2003, Vol. 1, Iss. 733, pg. 25, by: Nicholas Fonseca, "The 5-Year Plan"

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