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29 February 1992, Chisinau, Moldavia
Catalina Caraus is a Moldovian/Romanian singer/actress born in a leap year (29 of February, 1992) being the only child of Constantin and Mariana Caraus. She started her singing career at the age of 16 when she debuted with her first music video in Chisinau (Moldova). After she has graduated Bellerbys College in Cambridge,UK, Catalina was admitted at Kingston University of London where she studies music and drama at the moment. In the winter of 2010, some Russian producers proposed her to record a remix of Vanessa Paradis' 80' hit, "Joe le taxi". She agreed to work with them in short time it became a big hit in many European countries, especially in Russia where it has been on the second place at DFM radio. This cover song has a music video as well. In September 2011 she filmed "Meeting Place" which will be launched in December,2013. In August, 2012, this young singer worked with Eugen Doga (a legend composer from USSR) on a cover of his most popular song "My Sweet and Tender Beast" which had great reactions from critics and public.

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