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biography of Casnati, Didier

17 June 1980, Varese, Italy
The youngest member of the glamorous Family Volterra (Leon Volterra-Chateau Volterra) Didier Casnati started his career with the leading role in a Monte-Carlo based soap opera, following roles in Quicksand (2001/I), with Michael Caine, Funky Monkey (2004) with Mathew Modine, Roma Downey, Jeffrey Tambor and played Samy in Riviera (2005). Didier Casnati was one of the candidates in the french reality tv show "Star Academy" season 1 and appears in many different tv films, commercials and video clips. Didier Casnati lives in Monte-Carlo and is known for being the founder, leader and manager of the band "The Gypsy Queens" ( London Records - Universal Music), as well as having a solo career in pop music in Peru, where he released the single "donna" and co-stared the song "Mal Paso" with Eva Ayllon, on the album "Cholo Soy". The record won several golden records, and 3 songs were part of the soundtrack of Quantum of Solace (2008). His own album "Mi Mundo" was released in Feb.2007.It is the first album in the world that includes 7 different styles of music and is sang in 4 different languages. Didier Casnati was many times invited to act in " Asi es la Vida" ( a Peruvian soap opera) and has appeared on multiple Peruvian Tv shows. Didier Casnati and his band " The Gypsy Queens" have signed a record deal with London Records - Universal Music in August 2011, their album will be published in 2012, and is produced by Larry Klein.

-   The Gypsy Queens

-   Star Academy (2001)(singer)

-   "Tatler" (UK), 10 September 2008, Iss. October, pg. 182, by: Harriet Compston, "Gypsy queens, Any requests ?"

-   "Tatler" (UK), 10 September 2008, Iss. October, pg. 182, by: Harriet Compston, "Gypsy queens, Any requests"

-   "Topic Magazine" (USA), August 2005, Iss. 8, pg. 42-43, by: lee aaron blair, "king of the strip"

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