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biography of Castle, Nick (I)

Nicholas Charles Castle Jr.
21 September 1947, Los Angeles, California, USA
178 cm

-   Graduated from USC School of Cinema-Television (1970).

-   Son of 'Nick Castle (II)' (qv).

-   The Tom Atkins character Nick Castle in _The Fog (1980)_ (qv) was named after him.

-   _Halloween (1978)_ (qv) -> $25.00 a day

-   "Starlog" (USA), September 1986, Vol. 10, Iss. 110, pg. 30-32, by: Brain Lowry, "'The Boy Who Could Fly': Inspired by That Pachyderm Pilot 'Dumbo,' Filmmaker Nick Castle Introduces a Troubled Family to the Airborne Adolescent Who Will Change Their Lives"

-   "Starlog" (USA), October 1984, Vol. 8, Iss. 87, pg. 62-63,+65, by: Brian Lowry, "Nick Castle: 'How Do You Get Around Star Wars?'"

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Movies Produced

  1. Shangri-La Plaza (1990) (TV) (executive producer)