Chinn, Bob (I) Biography

biography of Chinn, Bob (I)

Robert Husong
Hawaii, USA

-   'Debbie Chinn' (qv) (? - ?)

-   Bob Chinn attended Santa Monica College and UCLA's film school.

-   Chinn is credited with fundamentally changing the Adult Film Industry with the "Johnny Wadd" series of movies that starred the infamous porn king, 'John Holmes (I)' (qv). It was the first time that adult films were produced with recurring characters, and it was an enormously successful franchise.

-   He was the inspiration for 'Burt Reynolds (I)' (qv)' character, "Jack Horner" in _Boogie Nights (1997)_ (qv).

-   (????) Novel: "Flesh of the Lotus" (A Johnny Wadd Novel)

-   "Cult Movies" (USA), 1997, Iss. 24, by: Michael Copner & Coco Kiyonaga, "The Boogie Days and Nights of Bob Chinn"

-   "Cult Movies" (USA), Iss. 37, pg. 26-27, by: Michael Copner, "The New Age of Robert C. Chinn"

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