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biography of Coffey, Joe (VII)

8 November 1982, Boston, Massachusetts
5' 11"
Joe grew up in an Irish Catholic neighborhood of Boston called West Roxbury, and spent most of his youth playing ice hockey, and working various jobs as a landscaper, waiter, salesman, kayak manager and hockey coach. While at school at a young age, Joe was introduced to public declamation. He was encouraged to interpret characters from many classic novels including Les Miserables and A Tale of Two Cities. He thought he wasn't half-bad at it and enjoyed the reactions of his peers, so he decided to pursue acting in high school. Joe attended Boston Latin, the country's oldest public school. Despite some sleepless nights, he managed to balance a passion for the stage, student government, and ice hockey. Upon graduation, he had to choose between hockey and acting and he decided to continue with his acting training at Stonehill College in Easton, MA. Here he studied under Patricia Sankus. The summer after his last year of college, he attended the Williamstown Theater Festival as an apprentice. After Williamstown, he studied at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Institute in Waterford, CT. These experiences only confirmed that he wanted to continue his training more seriously and he auditioned for various grad schools in New York City. Needing a change of scene from New England winters, he chose to spend the next three years of his life in Gainesville, FL at the University of Florida. This new world intrigued him. Here he also worked with some of the most talented people he'd ever met. After graduating in 2009, Joe was encouraged to get an agent by his favorite professor and mentor, Tim Altmeyer. Joe resides in Los Angeles and is excited to see where the path leads next.
Joe Coffey

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