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biography of Coleman, Kevin (II)

Darryl Kevin Coleman
17 March 1972, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
6' 1"
Kevin Coleman is a native of St. Louis, MO. Kevin graduated with a masters in directing from the prestigious directing program at the American Film Institute and earned a BA in film and television from Howard University. Kevin has worked and interned for veteran director and actor Bill Duke working on two projects for Bill, The documentary "Partners of the Heart" and the short musical film, "Angel: One More Road To Cross." Kevin also interned for acclaimed director Haile Gerima. Kevin is also the founder and driving force behind Coleman Entertainment, LLC an indie film and media production company. Kevin is also passionate about educating young minds on the history of African American images in Hollywood, spent time as a visiting assistant professor of arts and media at the University of Missouri at Kansas City and an Adjunct Professor at St. Louis Community College at Forest Park.
Mr. X

-   Interned for Bill Duke and Haile Gerima.

-   I believe in the power of being under estimated.

-   "St. Louis Magazine" (USA), 11 November 2009, pg. 89, by: Margaret Bauer, "2009 Top Singles Singularly Cool"

-   "" (USA), 6 May 2012, by: BWW Newsdesk, "Kevin Coleman's OSI Wins Best Short Film at 2012 Charlotte Black Film Festival"

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Movies Produced

  1. Duffle Bag Baby (2014) (co-producer)
  2. Julian's Journey (2014) (co-producer)
  3. The Rescue (2012) (associate producer)
  4. Osi (2011) (producer)
  5. Lights, Camera, Action (2010) (producer)