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Columbus, Christopher
10 September 1958, Spangler, Pennsylvania, USA
5' 8 1/2"
Born in Pennsylvania and raised in Ohio, 'Chris Columbus' (qv) was first inspired to make movies after seeing "The Godfather" at age 15. After enrolling at NYU film school, he sold his first screenplay (never produced) while a sophomore there. After graduation Columbus tried to sell his fourth script, "Gremlins", with no success, until 'Steven Spielberg' (qv) optioned it; Columbus moved to Los Angeles for a year during rewrites on the project in Spielberg's bungalow at Universal. After writing two more scripts for Spielberg, "The Goonies" and "Young Sherlock Holmes", Columbus' own directing career was launched a few years later with "Adventures in Babysitting". He is best known to audiences as the director of the runaway hit "Home Alone", written and produced by 'John Hughes (I)' (qv) its sequel "Home Alone 2", and most recently "Mrs. Doubtfire".
James Koonce

-   'Monica Devereux' (qv) (1983 - present); 4 children

-   Leading characters who are underage and develops through situations

-   His films often have a brief, often humorous, scene after or during the end credits.

-   Common theme in his movies is children triumphing over adults

-   _Gremlins (1984)_ (qv), Columbus's fourth script, was written as a dark satire of _It's a Wonderful Life (1946)_ (qv).

-   Got the directing gig on Harry Potter after longtime front-runner 'Steven Spielberg' (qv) passed on the project. He met author 'J.K. Rowling' (qv) in England and won the job over several other candidates after promising her he would film entirely in the U.K. and use an all-British cast. Most of the crew was also British.

-   Father of 'Eleanor Columbus' (qv), 'Violet Columbus' (qv), 'Brendan Columbus' (qv) & 'Isabella Columbus' (qv).

-   Lived in England for a year and a half while filming the first two Harry Potter films. Opted out of the third film so he could come home and spend more time with his family.

-   At one time lived in River Forest, Illinois which shares a high school with the suburb, Oak Park, in which _Adventures in Babysitting (1987)_ (qv) was based. Oak Park and River Forest High School's name was changed for the movie, however, to Hemingway High because Ernest Hemingway went there. They kept the style of the high school's jackets for the film, however.

-   Had a cameo in _Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)_ (qv) as a man in the toy store. He was holding his daughter 'Eleanor Columbus' (qv).

-   In the original script, _Gremlins (1984)_ (qv) was meant to be a much darker horror film in which the mother was decapitated, the family dog was eaten, and the adorable Mogwai "Gizmo" actually turned into the infamous Gremlin "Stripe".

-   Son of 'Irene Columbus' (qv).

-   Considered directing _Spider-Man (2002)_ (qv), however passed that up to direct _Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)_ (qv).

-   During its early stages of production, he was originally attached to direct _Daredevil (2003)_ (qv).

-   Frequently is involved with composer 'John Williams (I)' (qv).

-   At one point, was attached to direct _Fantastic Four (2005)_ (qv).

-   Is of Italian and Czech descent.

-   All of his four children made cameos in the Harry Potter films he worked on.

-   To date (2010), only American to have directed a "Harry Potter" episode (2 to be precise).

-   In 1995, Columbus also wrote a draft of the fourth Indiana Jones film, Indiana Jones and the Lost Continent (2001)

-   Wrote a rejected draft of _Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)_ (qv)

-   I was up on 140th Street in Harlem, in 1992. It was 3 in the morning, and I was walking back to get a cup of coffee. These two young kids came up to me and said to me, "What movie is this?" I said, "Home Alone 2," and they said, "What do you do?" And I said, "I'm the director." They said, "Oh, you're John Hughes!"

-   I can understand the validity of showing people the ugliness of the world, but I also think there is a place for movies to leave people with a sense of hope. If your film isn't going to do that, I just don't think it's worth making.

-   (January 2003) Lives in San Francisco, California

-   _Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)_ (qv) -> $10,000,000 + gross participations

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