Colville-Andersen, Mikael Biography

biography of Colville-Andersen, Mikael

Michael Andersen
29 January 1968

-   Author of the book New York Conversations - Four American Screenwriters. Featuring interviews with Paul Schrader, Richard Price, David Newman and Budd Schulberg. Published 1999.

-   Director of the music video for the smash hit The Second You Sleep by Saybia. The song was the title song for Saybia's debut album by the same name as well as the title song for Colville-Andersen's film Zakka West.

-   Director of the short film Film Guys. Won second place in the Film Days competition hosted by DSB (Danish State Railways) and Zentropa Productions in 1996.

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Acting in movies

  1. Zakka West (2003)

Costume Designed by Colville-Andersen, Mikael

  1. Zakka West (2003)

Movies Produced

  1. Zakka West (2003) (co-producer)

Production Design

  1. "Hjem til fem" (1995)


  1. Drømmen (2006) (script translator)
  2. Dommeren (2005) (script translator)
  3. Brødre (2004) (script translator)
  4. Dear Wendy (2004) (script translator)
  5. It's All About Love (2003) (script translator)
  6. Fukssvansen (2001) (script translator)
  7. Krystalbarnet (1996) (production assistant)