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biography of Copeland, Joan (I)

Joan Maxine Miller
1 June 1922, New York City, New York, USA
Joan Copeland, the sister of famed playwright 'Arthur Miller (I)' (qv), was a renowned actress in her own right. She made her name on Broadway, debuting there in 1945 to begin a career that lasted more than 60 years. She also had a long career on television, where she appeared in a number of that medium's most popular soap operas. She played scheming villain Andrea Whiting in _"Search for Tomorrow" (1951)_ (qv), and also appeared in _"Love of Life" (1951)_ (qv) and _"The Edge of Night" (1956)_ (qv), among others. She occasionally worked in films, but made fewer than 20 of them in her career, preferring the stage and television, where she made her debut in 1950.

-   'George J. Kupchik' (1943 - 26 July 1989) (his death); 1 child

-   Younger sister of 'Arthur Miller (I)' (qv).

-   Aunt of 'Rebecca Miller (I)' (qv) and 'Robert A. Miller' (qv).

-   The recipient of numerous stage awards in her later career, she won the Drama Desk Award for her stage work in "The American Clock" (1980) (which was written by her brother); the Los Angeles Drama Critics Award for "Brighton Beach Memoirs" (1983), and the Obie Award for "The American Plan" (1990).

-   Has graced a number of daytime soap operas over time, including _"Search for Tomorrow" (1951)_ (qv), _"Love of Life" (1951)_ (qv) (in which she played twins), _"The Edge of Night" (1956)_ (qv), _"One Life to Live" (1968)_ (qv), _"How to Survive a Marriage" (1974)_ (qv) and _"As the World Turns" (1956)_ (qv).

-   Her father was a Jewish woman's clothes manufacturer and mother a schoolteacher/housewife.

-   Prominent actress of the Broadway stage for over six decades. She made her debut in "Romeo and Juliet" in 1945 and played Desdemona in "Othello" the following year.

-   Sister-in-law of 'Inge Morath' (qv).

-   Shares birthday with former sister-in-law 'Marilyn Monroe' (qv).

-   (1948- 2002). Active on Broadway in the following productions:

-   (1948) Stage: Appeared in "Sundown Beach" on Broadway.

-   (1949) Stage: Appeared (as "Susan Carmichael") in "Detective Story" on Broadway. Drama/melodrama. Written / directed by 'Sidney Kingsley' (qv). Scenic Design by 'Boris Aronson' (qv). Hudson Theatre (moved to The Broadhurst Theatre from 3 Jul 1950-close): 23 Mar 1949-12 Aug 1950 (581 performances). Cast: 'Ralph Bellamy' (qv) (as "Detective McLeod"), 'Meg Mundy' (qv) (as "Mary McLeod"), 'Jean Adair (I)' (qv) (as "Mrs. Farragut"), John Alberts (as "Gentleman"), Joseph Ancona (as "Mr. Bagatelle"), Archie Benson (as "Crumb-Bum"), 'Edward Binns' (qv) (as "Detective Gallagher"), John Boyd (as "Detective O'Brien"), 'Michelette Burani' (qv) (as "Mrs. Bagatelle"), Jim Flynn (as "Mr. Feeney"), 'Lou Gilbert' (qv) (as "Joe Feinson"), Sarah Grable (as "Mrs. Feeney"), 'Lee Grant (I)' (qv) (as "Shoplifter"), Carl Griscom (as "Willy"), Byron C. Halstead (as "Patrolman Keough"), Michael Lewin (as "Photographer"), James Maloney (as "Mr. Pritchett"), 'Horace McMahon' (qv) (as "Lt. Monoghan"), 'Patrick McVey' (qv) (as "Detective Callahan"), 'Jacqueline Page' (qv) (as "Indignant citizen"), Joe Roberts (as "Patrolman Baker"), 'Alexander Scourby' (qv) (as "Tami Giacoppetti"), 'Maureen Stapleton' (qv) (as "Miss Hatch"), 'Warren Stevens' (qv) (as "Arthur Kindred"), Ruth Storm (as "Lady"), 'Robert Strauss (I)' (qv) (as "Detective Dakis"), 'Michael Strong (I)' (qv) (as "2nd burglar, Lewis"), 'Earl Sydnor (I)' (qv) (as "Patrolman Barnes"), 'Les Tremayne' (qv) (as "Mr. Sims"), 'James Westerfield' (qv) (as "Detective Brody"), Garney Wilson (as "Mr. Gallantz"), 'Joseph Wiseman' (qv) (as "1st burglar, Charlie"), 'Harry Worth (I)' (qv) (as "Dr. Schneider"). Replacement actors during Hudson Theatre run: 'Anne Burr' (qv) (as "Mary McLeod"), 'Lydia Clarke' (qv). Replacement actors during Broadhurst Theatre run: None known. Produced by 'Howard Lindsay (I)' (qv) and 'Russel Crouse' (qv). Associate Producer: May Kirshner. NOTE: Filmed as _Detective Story (1951)_ (qv), "Au théâtre ce soir: Histoire d'un détective" (1972).

-   (1948) Stage: Appeared in "Not for Children" on Broadway. Comedy.

-   (1946) Stage: Appeared (as "Desdemona") in "Othello" on Broadway. Written by 'William Shakespeare (I)' (qv).

-   (1945) Stage: Appeared (as "Juliet"; Broadway debut) in "Romeo and Juliet" on Broadway. Written by 'William Shakespeare (I)' (qv).

-   (1990) Stage: Appeared in "The American Plan". NOTE: Won the Obie Award.

-   (1983) Stage: Appeared in "Brighteon Beach Memoirs", Los Angeles, CA. NOTE: Won the Los Angeles Drama Critics Award.

-   (1980) Stage: Appeared in "The American Clock" on Broadway. NOTE: Won Drama Desk Award.

-   (1989). Stage Play: Grand Hotel. Musical/drama. Book by 'Luther Davis (I)' (qv). Music by 'Bob Wright (I)' (qv) [credited as Robert Wright] and George Forrest. Lyrics by Robert Wright [credited as Robert Wright] and 'Chet Forrest' (qv) [credited as George Forrest]. Additional music by 'Maury Yeston' (qv) and Wally Harper. Additional lyrics by Maury Yeston. Based on "Grand Hotel" by Vicki Baum. By arrangement with the owner of the motion picture "Grand Hotel," Turner Entertainment Co. Music orchestrated by Peter Matz. Musical and Vocal Direction by Jack Lee. Incidental French dialogue: Michel Moinot. Choreographed by Tommy Tune. Directed by 'Tommy Tune' (qv). Martin Beck Theatre (moved to The George Gershwin Theatre from 3 Mar 1992- close): 12 Nov 1989- 25 Apr 1992 (1017 performances + 31 previews that began on 16 Oct 1989). Cast: 'Karen Akers' (qv) (as "Raffaela, the Confidante"), Jennifer Lee Andrews (as "Hildegarde Bratts, Telephone Operator/Trudie, the maid"), 'David Carroll (I)' (qv) (as "Felix Von Gaigern, the Baron") [final Broadway role], 'Keith Crowningshield' (qv) (as "Kurt Krönenberg, Bellboy"), Gerrit de Beer (as "Hanns Bittner, Bellboy"), Pierre Dulaine (as "The Gigolo"), David Elledge (as "Werner Holst, Scullery Worker"), Ben George (as "The Chauffeur"), Henry Grossman (as "Ernst Schmidt, Scullery Worker"), Rex D. Hays (as "Rohna, the Grand Concierge"), Suzanne Henderson (as "Sigfriede Holzhiem, Telephone Operator/The Hotel Courtesan"), David Jackson (as "One of The Jimmys"), Mitchell Jason (as "Sandor, the Impressario"), Ken Jennings (as "Georg Strunk, Bellboy"), J.J. Jepson (as "Willibald, Bellboy captain"), Timothy Jerome (as "General Director Preysing, Saxonia Mills"), 'Michael Jeter' (qv) (as "Otto Kringelein, the Bookkeeper"), Jane Krakowski (as "Flaemmchen, the Typist"), Charles Mandracchia (as "The Doorman"), Yvonne Marceau (as "The Countess"), Michel Moinot (as "Witt, the Company Manager"), 'Liliane Montevecchi' (qv) (as "Elizaveta Grushinskaya, the Ballerina"), Kathi Moss (as "Madame Peepee"), 'Lynnette Perry' (qv) (as "Wolfe Bratts, Telephone Operator"), Hal Robinson (as "Zinnowitz, the Lawyer"), William Ryall (as "Franz Kohl, Scullery Worker/The Detective"), Bob Stillman (as "Erik, Front Desk"), Danny Strayhorn (as "One of The Jimmys"), Walter Willison (as "Gunther Gustafsson, Scullery Worker"), John Wylie (as "Colonel Doctor Otternschlag"). Swings: Michael DeVries (as "Swing"), Niki Harris (as "Swing") and Glenn Turner (as "Swing"). Standbys: Mark Jacoby (as "Colonel Doctor Otternschlag/Felix Von Gaigern/General Director Preysing/Saxonia Mills") and Penny Worth (as "Elizaveta Grushinskaya/Madame Peepee/Raffaela"). Understudies: Gerrit de Beer (as "Sandor"), Michael DeVries (as "Erik/Zinnowitz"), Niki Harris (as "The Countess"), Ken Jennings (as "Witt"), J.J. Jepson (as "Otto Kringelein/The Gigolo"), Lynnette Perry (as "Flaemmchen"), William Ryall (as "Rohna/The Chauffeur") and Glenn Turner (as "One of The Jimmys"). Replacement actors during Martin Beck Theatre run: 'Brooks Almy' (qv) (as "Madame Peepee"), Jerry Ball (as "Franz Kohl, Scullery Worker/The Detective"), Brent Barrett (as "Felix Von Gaigern, the Baron"), Caitlin Brown (as "Raffaela, the Confidante"), Michael-Demby Cain (as "One of The Jimmys"), 'Rene Ceballos' (qv) (as "Elizaveta Grushinskaya, the Ballerina"), 'Cyd Charisse' (qv) (as "Elizaveta Grushinskaya, the Ballerina") [Broadway debut], Valerie Cutko (as "Raffaela, the Confidante"), Debbie de Coudreaux (as "Raffaela, the Confidante"), Michael DeVries (as "General Director Preysing, Saxonia Mills"), George Dudley The Doorman"), Pascale Faye (as "The Countess"), Merwin Goldsmith (as "Zinnowitz, the Lawyer"), Mark Jacoby (as "Felix Von Gaigern, the Baron"), J.J. Jepson (as "Otto Kringelein, the Bookkeeper"), Delyse Lively-Mekka (as "Flaemmchen, the Typist/Tootsie/Wolfe Bratts, Telephone Operator"), Carlos Lopez (as "Kurt Krönenberg, Bellboy"), 'Edmund Lyndeck' (qv) (as "Colonel Doctor Otternschlag") [during John Wylie's vacation], Lisa Merrill McCord (as "Hildegarde Bratts, Telephone Operator/Trudie, the maid"), 'Austin Pendleton' (qv) (as "Otto Kringelein, the Bookkeeper"), Luis Perez (as "The Chauffeur"), Michael Piehl (as "Werner Holst, Scullery Worker"), Jill Powell (as "Hildegarde Bratts, Telephone Operator/Trudie, the maid"), Abe Ribald (as "The Detective"), 'John Schneider (I)' (qv) (as "Felix Von Gaigern, the Baron") [Broadway debut], 'Rex Smith (I)' (qv) (as "Felix Von Gaigern, the Baron"), Meg Tolin (as "Tootsie/Wolfe Bratts, Telephone Operator"), Walter Willison (as "Felix Von Gaigern, the Baron") (During John Schneider's vacation Nov 1991- Dec 1991], Greg Zerkle (as "Felix Von Gaigern, the Baron"), 'Chip Zien' (qv) (as "Otto Kringelein, the Bookkeeper"). Standbys: Tina Paul (as "Elizaveta Grushinskaya"), 'Walter Willison' (qv) (as "Felix Von Gaigern"). Understudy: Meg Tolin (as "Flaemmchen"). Replacement cast during George Gershwin Theatre run: Zina Bethune (as "Elizaveta Grushinskaya, the Ballerina"), Lynnette Perry (as "Flaemmchen, the Typist"). Produced by Martin Richards, Mary Lea Johnson, Sam Crothers, Sander Jacobs, Kenneth D. Greenblatt, Paramount Pictures Corporation and Jujamcyn Theaters (James H. Binger: Chairman. Rocco Landesman: President). Produced in association with Patty Grubman and Marvin A. Krauss. Associate Producer: Sandra Greenblatt, Martin R. Kaufman and Kim Poster.

-   (July 2007) Replaced 'Polly Bergen' (qv) in the musical stage production of "Camille Claudel" at the Goodspeed.

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