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Jordon Michael Corbin was born in Lakeland, Florida, to Torri & Jacqueline. Growing up, Jordon was a creative child; however, his creative side would take a backseat early on due to his athletic aptitude. Jordon marveled as an athlete at every sport he encountered. Although he dabbled with the drama club, he was the big man on campus in regards to football. He help lead his Lakeland High School Football team to three state titles. This accomplishment had not gone unnoticed. He became known nationally and was a highly sought out recruit for his combination of scholastic and athletic endeavors. All the while, Corbin never lost sight of his creative ambitions. Instead, he created, poetry, plays, and films in his spare time. He would take his talents to LSU where after winning a National championship he was injured which would forever inhibit his route to the NFL. Undeterred, Corbin pressed on. Although he could not play football, he would have his first love creating and performing. He dove in head first into the theatre department at LSU in various productions. Corbin found more than a hobby, he found passion and love in his craft. Determined to be the best, Corbin continues to make strides in his career where it will only be a matter of time before his talents take him to the top.
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