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biography of Cowan, Rennie

16 January 1972, Inglewood, California, USA
5' 8"
SAG-AFTRA. Has a BFA in Film/TV Production and MFA in Film/TV Producing from Chapman University. Plus, Associate in Arts (RCC), Associate of Science in Business(RCC) and Associate in Paralegal Studies (SBVC). Studied acting intensively at the TVI Actor's Studio in LA. Lived in Orange County (the O.C.) for a number of years but mostly grew up in Riverside, California. Eventually moved to Los Angeles to work in the independent film market, producing independent feature films. Worked at The William Morris Agency in Beverly Hills to be their personal Media Specialist, Hollywood Projectionist and screened 35mm prints for Agents, Directors, Producers and stars like Michael Douglas, Val Kilmer, Sylvestor Stallone, Prince and Keanu Reeves. Also worked at Sony Pictures Studios, The Screen Actor's Guild, Agent/Manager at The Ilya Salkind Company and Entertainment Professor at a University.

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  4. On the Pool Patio with Ilya Salkind (2011) (photographic retouching)
  5. Saving Melanie (2009) (script supervisor)
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  7. Waking Up with Monsters (2007) (script supervisor)
  8. We Own the Night (2007) (projectionist: dailies) (uncredited)
  9. Hellscape (2007) (V) (location manager)
  10. Shrek (2001) (projectionist: dailies) (uncredited)
  11. Chocolat (2000) (projectionist) (uncredited)
  12. Random Hearts (1999) (assistant avid technician) (uncredited)
  13. Stuart Little (1999) (assistant avid technician) (uncredited)
  14. 8MM (1999) (assistant avid technician) (uncredited)
  15. Big Daddy (1999) (assistant avid technician) (uncredited)
  16. Blue Streak (1999) (assistant avid technician) (uncredited)
  17. Idle Hands (1999) (assistant avid technician) (uncredited)
  18. October Sky (1999) (assistant avid technician) (uncredited)
  19. "Babylon 5" (1994) {And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder (#5.16)} (assistant) (uncredited)
  20. "Babylon 5" (1994) {Darkness Ascending (#5.15)} (assistant) (uncredited)
  21. "Babylon 5" (1994) {Meditations on the Abyss (#5.14)} (assistant) (uncredited)
  22. "Babylon 5" (1994) {Movements of Fire and Shadow (#5.17)} (assistant) (uncredited)