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10 July 1964
6' 2"
Sean Cronin was born in 1964 in West London to an English mother and an Irish/Welsh father. After forming rock band 'The Marionettes' in the 1980's he toured the world as their front man for 10 years (1985-1995) playing to sell out audiences with acts like Pearl Jam and Nirvana after 4 albums and world tours returned to England where he created one of London's most infamous nightclubs 'Club Wild' (1996). Destiny struck in the early nineties and Sean was bitten by the film bug. He quickly became a cinematographer and director in his own right shooting dozens of high end music videos, short films and several features including _Throw of a Dice (2012)_ (qv). In parallel due to his intense and menacing presence Sean was asked to play supporting roles in films like James Bond, _The World Is Not Enough (1999)_ (qv), _The Mummy (1999)_ (qv), _The Mummy Returns (2001)_ (qv), and _Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)_ (qv) are a few. Moving inevitably from the background to the foreground he more recently plays 'Cyrus' in _The Thompsons (2012)_ (qv) sequel to the Hollywood Vampire movie _The Hamiltons (2006)_ (qv) by the 'The Butcher Brothers' (qv) and in 'Chris Bouchard (I)' (qv) _Looking Over the Dragon (2012)_ (qv) 2012 he plays crazy Russian gangster 'Dellski' and In 'Graham Cantwell's' _The Callback Queen (2012)_ (qv) he plays 'east end' gangster 'Arry'. Sean has developed his craft both in acting and film making and is well as being an eclectic and talented film maker he is fast becoming one of the most convincing and sinister 'adversary's' in modern day cinema. Sean has his own production company 'Magnificent Films'.
'Michael Koltes'

-   'Eve Hluchnik' (10 February 2005 - 3 May 2009) (divorced); 4 children

-   'Nadia Alami' (1 June 2009 - present); 7 children

-   (March 2010) London, England

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