Curtis, Patrick Biography

biography of Curtis, Patrick

c. 1938

-   'Annabel Curtis' (1988 - present)

-   'Margolyn Curtis' (qv) (1975 - 1978) (divorced)

-   'Raquel Welch' (qv) (14 February 1967 - September 1972) (divorced)

-   Father of 'Damon Curtis' (qv).

-   Engaged to 'Linda Evans (I)' (qv), 1960-1962.

-   June 1998: A guest at the premiere of the restored version of _Gone with the Wind (1939)_ (qv)

-   One of the infants who variously "played" the baby of Melanie Wilkes ('Olivia de Havilland' (qv)) in _Gone with the Wind (1939)_ (qv).

-   Ex-stepfather of 'Tahnee Welch' (qv) and 'Damon Welch (I)' (qv).

-   A film producer and Hollywood press agent, he promoted his then-wife 'Raquel Welch' (qv) into a sex-symbol.

-   1997 SALARY STUDY Patrick A. Curtis/Paperback/Published 1998

-   CHILD ABUSE and NEGLECT, A LOOK AT THE STATES Patrick A.Curtis, et al/Published 1995 Patrick A. Curtis (Editor)/Published 1997

-   SALARY STUDY 1993 Patrick Curtis/Published 1994

-   WHAT TO DO WHEN THE NUMBERS ARE IN Patrick A. Curtis/Published 1988

-   "Empire" (UK), 1996, Iss. 81, pg. 46, by: Ian Nathan

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