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Daniel Felix DeWeldon
5' 9"
Daniel DeWeldon is a native of the Washington, D.C. & Newport, Rhode Island area. Prior to being received as a life time member to the legendary Actors Studio under Al Pacino, Martin Landau & Mark Rydell. He studied a six year theatrical masters program with Uta Hagen, Michael Arabian & Howard Fine. DeWeldon's theatrical debut was in the 1999 LA production of David Rabes' "Streamers", receiving the Los Angeles Times Critic's Choice. Later he produced, directed and starred in the 2003 LA production of Edward Albees' "The Zoo Story". 2006 DeWeldon starred in The Actors Studio LA production of "Death Of A Salesman". Recently, DeWeldon produced and starred in the hit Los Angeles play, "Danny & The Deep Blue Sea" that ran for seven months and received 14 acclaimed critic's choice. In 2009 DeWeldon starred opposite 3 time Emmy Award winner Barbara Bain in "The Laramie Project" live at Grand Performances in Los Angeles hosted by Glen Close in a world wide broadcast. Currently DeWeldon is producing two films under his company Volition Entertainment Productions. The first being a feature film titled: "Felix" Daniel will portray his father in the film reflecting the life story of Felix DeWeldon, famed for his work as a world renown artist, his most famous work being The Flag Raising of Iwo Jima in Arlington, Virginia. Second, Daniel is producing: "The Elephant Ride", an autobiographical feature film based on his true life experiences. Currently attached is Academy Award winner Martin Landau, Grammy Award Winner Seal, Emmy Award winner Armand Assanti, Carmen Argenzenio & Audi of America.
Volition Entertainment Productions

-   Son of renown Artist Felix DeWeldon most famous for "The Flag Raising of Iwo Jima". Daniel is a honorary lifetime member of The Actors Studio.

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Movies Produced

  1. Felix DeWeldon (2014) (producer)
  2. The Elephant Ride (2014) (executive producer)