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biography of Deak, Dario (I)

Dario Deak was born in Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia. He came to the United States as an exchange student during High School. The year that he was going to return to his country the Yugoslav Wars started which caused him to stay in U.S. By the end of the war his passport belonged to a country that didn't exist anymore. At eighteen Dario auditioned for the University of Mississippi and was accepted, with a scholarship. He majored in Piano and Business. During the college years Deak started acting, doing extensive work in theatre. After he finished college, Deak worked as a financial advisor for Merrill Lynch starting in Saint Louis, Missouri and soon after relocating to Beverly Hills, California where he stayed until 2004 when he decided to leave the career in finance in order to pursue his passion for acting.

-   Dario Deak was one of the main contenders to play the role of Conan in the 2011.

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