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Eric Lynn Wright
7 September 1963, Compton, California, USA
26 March 1995, Los Angeles, California, USA (complications from AIDS)
5' 5"
Eazy-E (a.k.a. Eric Wright) was born in South Central Los Angeles, in the Compton district. He was one of the founding members of the rap group N.W.A., as well as a record producer. He is also the founder of the Ruthless Records company, in which he also produced other rap artists like The D.O.C., and the rap group Above The Law. He debuted with "Boyz-N-The-Hood" which was a revolution song in rap history. During his reign as the lead member of N.W.A., he might have been known to embezzle funds, in which two members (Ice Cube and Dr. Dre) left the group over financial reasons. He fathered seven children, but lived a promiscuous life that resulted in contracting AIDS, which led to his demise in March 1995.

-   'Tomica Wright' (19 March 1995 - 26 March 1995) (his death); 2 children

-   Always wore dark sunglasses

-   His voice

-   Wore a black Compton hat

-   Has a day each year in his name in Compton, Eazy-E day, by order of the mayor.

-   Has nine children by seven different women.

-   Played drums and piano competently (though not expertly).

-   His most famous song "Boyz in the Hood" was never meant to be sung by him. It was intended for an east side group called "HBO" to sing.

-   He was the unofficial front man of N.W.A., although he had relatively little contribution to the music (all of it being crafted by DJ Yella & Dr. Dre) and even his own lyrics (most of which were written for him by Ice Cube).

-   N.W.A. was voted the 33rd Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Artists of all time by Rolling Stone.

-   Was a member of the Kelly Park Compton Crips.

-   Married the mother of his last two children one week before his death.

-   Fellow NWA rapper DJ Yella wrote a solo single called "One More Nigga To Go" in dedication to him, and to help raise money for college for his nine kids. Yella reportedly also was the only member of NWA to stay friends with him all the way from beginning to end.

-   Had his own record label, Ruthless Records.

-   Was credited for discovering 'Bone Thugs n Harmony' (qv).

-   Was a close friend of 'The D.O.C.' (qv).

-   His N.W.A colleague 'DJ Yella' (qv) is the godfather of Eazy's second son Derrek (born in or around 1989).

-   See you around buddy boy.

-   I would like to turn my own problem into something good that will reach out to all my homeboys, I want to save their asses before it's too late. I'm not looking to blame anyone except myself.

-   Records don't make anybody do nothing. You make yourself do that.

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-   _Eazy-E: The Life and Timez of Eric Wright (2002) (V)_ (qv)

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-   "The Source" (USA), 1995

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