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29 February 1984, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, England, UK
David Elliott was born at St. Mary's Hospital, Newcastle. He was a forceps baby. As a teenager, David wrote screenplays and took acting workshops with, among others, The Royal Shakespeare Company and David Lynch. He moved to Utica Mississippi at 19, got married, and spent several years in the wilderness. In 2005, David made his slow return to acting, taking classes at Second City and The Annoyance in Chicago. He has directed and appeared in a variety of stage and independent film productions, and is the founder of No! It's a Spaceship!, an independent production company. He has two children who he loves, a dog he is indifferent toward, and a cat he doesn't like.
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-   Removing a jacket to reveal another jacket

-   Entering the room, looking for something, and then immediately leaving

-   As a result of years of martial arts training, he has broken every bone in each foot.

-   Has several tattoos, include one of Bluto on his inner-thigh.

-   There's a lot of talented people I've seen fall to the wayside, and a lot of losers are now starting their second or third high paying TV job. The scum also rises, I guess.

-   When I got to the US, I learned just how incredibly sleazy the whole process was. It slowed my process in a lot of ways, because I didn't want to lose myself to the pursuit of fame and become an unbearable asshole.

-   (April 2010) Chicago, IL. David is currently directing Immigrant Song, a sell out sketch comedy about life as an Immigrant.

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