Evans, Larry (I) Biography

biography of Evans, Larry (I)

26 April 1925, Tucson, Arizona, USA (tuberculosis)

-   Novel: "Then I'll Come Back to You".

-   Novel: "Once to Every Man"

-   Some One in the House (1918). Written by 'Larry Evans (I)' (qv), 'Walter Percival' (qv) and 'George S. Kaufman' (qv). Knickerbocker Theatre: 9 Sep 1918- Oct 1918 (32 performances). Cast: 'Robert Barrat' (qv), John Blair, 'Dudley Digges' (qv), James Dyrenforth, 'Lynn Fontanne' (qv), Julia Hay, James Henderson, Robert Hudson, Mona Kingsley, William B. Mack, Rex McDougal, Edwin Redding, 'Hassard Short' (qv), John Sparks, 'Sidney Toler' (qv), Basil West, Joseph Woodburn. Produced by George C. Tyler. Note: Produced as _Someone in the House (1920)_ (qv) by Metro Pictures.

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