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Walter Ted Ferguson
12 August 1948, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA
5' 8"
Worked in Paris,Berlin,Tahiti,New Zealand,Sweden, Nigeria and The Congo in Africa, Internationally. In all 40 years in the television and radio business from DJ to Program Director to General Manager to Network Manager. US markets including Los Angeles,Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Miami. Studied as a Drama/Film major at Louisiana State University, UCLA and The Sorbonne in Paris, Oakland University in Detroit and Victoria University in Wellington New Zealand. Fluent in French, Spanish and German with a good working knowledge of Swahili.
Ted Ferguson

-   (2007) building a radio station for the evangelic church of The Democratic Republic of The Congo, in Bunia, a village of 300,000 on the shores of Lake Albert just 10 miles from the Ugandan border.

-   In 2007 Ted built a Christian Radio in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the war-torn province of Ituri. While there the tribal war continued and the area was hit by a 6.9 earthquake. In 2008 another project was started in Lagos, Nigeria, a city of 30 million. Smooth 98.1 is now in its final construction stages and plans are to launch the station in Early 2010. Ted devised the format, did the initial research project, hired the principal management staff and is in the process of training the management. The launch, of course, will require a 1 month visit to Lagos. Which should happen in January 2010.

-   In 1975, using the air name China Jones, he was the 6pm to 10pm air personality at WDRQ in Detroit. The Q was targeted at the inner city, urban Detroit market. In the first 3 months DRQ's night time ratings jumped from number 12 to number 1. In 76 and 77 Ted was the Program Director of WDRQ - Detroit.

-   TV commercial: American Bank

-   TV commercial: AAMCO Transmissions

-   TV commercial: Union Federal Savings & Loan

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