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5' 8"
Nina Foxx is from Jamaica, New York, but lives in Southern California. She is the author of multiple books and short stories, and also produces and directs while dabbling in acting. While in college, she hosted a documentary in London and has over 15 years of on air radio experience, starting in New York at barely middle school age. She holds advanced degrees in psychology as well as an MFA in Creative Writing.
Lena Davis

-   Nina Foxx also writes under the name Cynnamon Foster.

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Movies Directed

  1. Closer to Crazy (2010) (collaborating director)
  2. Marrying Up (2008) (V)

Movies Produced

  1. 1982 (2013) (co-executive producer)
  2. Ass Backwards (2013) (associate producer)
  3. Magic Valley (2011) (executive producer)
  4. Closer to Crazy (2010) (executive producer)
  5. She's Got Isshoes (2009) (V) (executive producer)
  6. Marrying Up (2008) (V) (executive producer)