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Itamar Gelbman is a security professional specializing in Overt and Covert protection. Itamar coordinated and implemented protective details for dignitaries, celebrities, and traveling executives worldwide since 2004. Prior to his return to the U.S., Itamar served as a Lieutenant in the Israeli Special Forces and as an undercover police officer in the Israeli Police Department. He participated in 100s of missions in defense of the State of Israel and trained Special Forces units around the world for combat in the areas of Urban Warfare, Krav Maga, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), Hostage Rescue, Close Combat and Counter Terrorism. Itamar holds a Black Belt in Hisardut fighting system and is a licensed pilot. Itamar comes from fighting stock. Both parents served in the Army. All of his grandparents escaped from Nazi capture during WW II. His mother's mother escaped alone from a mass grave in Auschwitz and his father's parents leaped from the Holocaust train taking them to Treblinka.
Itamar Gelbman

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-   "People Magazine" (USA), 25 February 2009, by: Ken Lee, "Britney Spears's Hairstylist Testifies Against Sam Lutfi"

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