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-   Anyone who has an automatic can opener knows that all they have to do is hit it and the cat is on the counter. We spread their food out over the day and then we save some so they get a formal dinner at night. There's the odd cat that loves to work just for a stroke, but that's pretty rare

-   If you bring in a lion, a bear or a tiger people will listen to you - but bring on a horse and stand them in the middle of the crew and it's the hardest thing to make people undertsand that they could be injured or killed if they don't pay attention. It's the same thing with a dog - a serious dog bite can be life-threatening

-   Successful animal trainers have an extraordinary work ethic and dedication. You'll need patience to understand you're only supposed to be making a certain amount of progress each day

-   I was raised on a ranch in Northern California and the nearest woman was 50 miles away, so I occupied myself with training falcons and lifestock. Then I met a guy who did it for a living and started working for him. I've been in the business for 37 years - I've never done anything else.

-   In 102 Dalmations, Pongo had to pick up a videotape, take it over to the player, put it in the slot, push it in with his nose and then hit the play button. The trainer struggled for about two months with that - and then it took about half an hour to shoot!

-   "Premiere" (USA), November 1996, Vol. 10, Iss. 3, pg. 46, by: Maximillian Potter

-   "Cinefantastique" (USA), April 1994, Vol. 25, Iss. 2, pg. 49, by: William Wilson Goodson Jr., "Bird Wrangling"

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