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biography of Gordon, Jeffrey Pratt

6 March 1968, Guam
6' 0"

-   'Shelbi Clarke' (qv) (14 October 2000 - present)

-   He is obsessed with 1930s carnival freak Johnny Eck, and has spent years buying everything he can get his hands on that belonged to Eck or his twin brother, Robert Eckhart. He even bought the Baltimore rowhouse where Eck was born and died, hoping to open a Johnny Eck museum there.

-   Founder and owner of the Johnny Eck Museum in Baltimore, Maryland, which showcases his extensive collection of sideshow memorabilia pertaining to the life of Johnny Eck; Actor, Painter, Magician, Race Car Driver and Punch and Judy operator.

-   In 1992 appeared in the music video - A Shogun Named Marcus, by the band Clutch.

-   "The Baltimore Sun" (USA), 8 April 2001, by: Stephanie Shapiro, "the second life of Johnny Eck"

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