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biography of Graham, Fiona (III)

Born in Dublin, with a Degree in Multimedia and communications from the Dundalk Institute of Technology and a Masters Degree in TV and Radio production from the National University of Ireland Maynooth. She started in music videos as a D.o.p. and editor, wrote and directed a number of documentaries, including radio documentaries aired only in Australia. For the past 4 years, she has been working as a continuity/script supervisor. In 2009, she founded Guerrilla 12 production company, the same year she wrote, directed and produced my first film (short) Deadline. Then in 2010, she wrote and directed her first feature The Nixer.
Fiona Graham

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Movies Produced

  1. The Nixer (2011) (executive producer)
  2. Deadline (2010/V) (producer)


  1. Beat Girl (2013) (continuity supervisor)
  2. Collider (2013) (continuity supervisor)
  3. Invasion Ireland (2013) (continuity)
  4. Bayonet (2012/II) (script supervisor)
  5. Dark by Noon (2012) (continuity)
  6. Portrait of a Zombie (2012) (continuity supervisor)
  7. Sleeper (2012/II) (continuity supervisor)
  8. Nowhere in Particular (2011) (continuity supervisor)
  9. Spare Room (2011) (continuity)
  10. As You Were (2010) (script supervisor)
  11. The Incredible Shrinking Office (2010) (continuity supervisor)
  12. A Clown's Requiem (2009) (continuity supervisor)
  13. The Hollow Girl (2009) (continuity supervisor)
  14. "Aisling's Diary" (2008) {Christmas Special} (continuity supervisor)