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biography of Grenet, Eliseo

12 June 1893, Havana, Cuba
4 November 1950, Havana, Cuba
Songwriter ("Mama Inez"), composer and author, educated at the Cons. Nacional de Musica in Havana. In 1920, he conducted a theatrical group and toured Mexico and Central America, then founded his own troupe to perform his own compositions. At the Seville Expos, he was awarded the Gold Medal for folklore compositions, and then he went on to score films in France, Mexico and Cuba. His stage scores include "La Virgen Morena", "Nina Rita", and "La Camagueyana". Joining ASCAP in 1937, his chief musical collaborators included Al Stillman, Bickley Reichner, Marion Sunshine, Nat Burton, and Walter Kent. His other popular-song compositions include "Habanera", "Lamento Esclavo", "Facundo", "Rica Pulpa", "Spic and Spanish", "True and Sincere Love", "I'll Always Remember", "Cuba de mi Vida", "The Lady Likes to Love", "Congo Conga", and "Viena la Conga".

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