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Catherine Gudvangen is a writer & story editor, director and producer. Her credits include MTV's "Sorority Life" and "Fraternity Life" (Executive Producer), "Tripped Out" (Editor/Story Editor) and "10 Things" (Writer) on SpikeTV, "Instant Comedy with the Groundlings" (Producer) on FX and the independent feature film "Soulmates" (Executive Producer). She is currently working on her first documentary feature. Catherine is also a producer/writer with 24 years experience in direct-response. Since 2002, while at the high-end direct response marketing firm Script to Screen, she has been directly involved in the development and production of infomercials for some of its top brands including Malibu Pilates, Oreck, philosophy, eyeQ, Investools, Conair and more. Her background as a direct-response marketing executive working directly with Fortune 500 companies (such as Sony, Norelco, 3M, Whirlpool, Universal Studios and Sunbeam) gives her the unique ability to write, produce and direct top-quality successful brand shows for all of her clients. Plus she's also an AVID editor, trying to learn FCP along with the rest of you.
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Movies Produced

  1. The Prodigy (2012) (producer)
  2. The Water Driver (2012) (producer)
  3. The Builder (2012) (producer)
  4. "Sorority Life" (2002) (executive producer) (as Catherine Finn)
  5. Ward 23 (2002) (producer) (as Catherine Finn)
  6. Hollywood Digital Diaries (2001) (producer) (as Catherine Finn)
  7. "Instant Comedy with the Groundlings" (1998) (producer) (as Catherine Finn)
  8. Soulmates (1997) (executive producer) (as Catherine Finn)
  9. The Outer Limits Phenomenon (1996) (TV) (producer) (as Catherine Finn)


  1. "Fraternity Life: SUNY Buffalo" (2003) (executive consultant) (seasons 1-2) (as Catherine Finn)
  2. "Sorority Life" (2002) (executive consultant) (seasons 2-3) (as Catherine Finn)