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biography of Guttenbeil, Ofa

Ofa-ki-Levuka Louise Guttenbeil
Baby O

-   'Nasili Likiliki' (qv) (July 2002 - present); 2 children

-   Former DJ for Kool 90FM - Radio Tonga 2.

-   Owns and operates a production house in Tonga, Coconut Productions.

-   Former marketing manager for Radio & TV Tonga.

-   2004-5 Commonwealth Broadcasting Association Travel Bursary Winner.

-   Managing Director and Chief Producer of Coconut Productions (Tonga).

-   Winner of the Thomson Foundation's Don Rowlands award for broadcast training in the United Kingdom (2001).

-   New Zealand hip-hop artist 'King Kapisi' (qv) performed at her wedding.

-   Original host and producer of TV Tonga's youth oriented music program, Juice Music.

-   Former co-host of Tonga's indigenous music video program, Talamahe'a, with 'Arnold Manu' (qv).

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  1. "Juice Music" (2000) (producer)