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7 April 1972, Nottingham, England, UK
5' 7"
Natalie Hallam was born in Nottingham. She moved to London in 1997. She attended The London Method School in 2002. She is currently a member of the Actors Centre in London. Her work includes working on Harry Potter and Finding Neverland. She played the lead role in an adventure film called Desert Ship Riders as Kate Armstrong filmed in Uzbekistan. A very unique experience which she thoroughly enjoyed. She spent a short time training in stunts and acquired qualifications as a Black belt in karate, Padi Divemaster at scuba diving, competent swimmer, snowboarder, skier and horse rider. She currently lives in London.
Anil Patel

-   Loves adventurous pursuits. Competent snowboarder, horse rider, skier, martial artist. Competent at voice overs.

-   Martial Arts trained. Enjoys performing improvisation comedy.

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