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biography of Harris, Robert (II)

Robert Dennis Harris
7 March 1957, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England, UK
Robert Harris is a former television news reporter, journalist and columnist who wrote his first suspense novel "Fatherland" in 1992. He has followed up that novel with several others, among them "Enigma" (1995) and "Archangel" (1998). Harris is a graduate of Cambridge University and lives in Berkshire with his wife and four children.

-   'Gill Hornby' (1988 - present); 4 children

-   Brother-in-law of writer 'Nick Hornby (I)' (qv).

-   Lives with his wife Gill and their four children Holly, Charly, Mattilda and Sam in Berkshire vicarage.

-   Attended 'King Edward VII' (qv) College, Melton Mowbray, where a hall is named after him.

-   His most noted novels include "Fatherland" (1992), "Enigma" (1995)", "Pompeii" (2003) and "The Ghost" (2007).

-   Novel: Imperium (2006) (first book in the "Cicero Trilogy")

-   (2007) Novel: The Ghost; filmed as _The Ghost Writer (2010)_ (qv).

-   Novel: Pompeii (2003)

-   (1999) Novel: Archangel; filmed as _Archangel (2005) (TV)_ (qv).

-   (1995) Novel: Enigma; filmed as _Enigma (2001)_ (qv).

-   (1992) Novel: Fatherland; filmed as _Fatherland (1994) (TV)_ (qv).

-   My basic advice when writing is to get three things happening every two pages. Keep things moving. Think about the book from beginning to end and see the key moments. I recognize my strength and my weakness as a writer. My strength, if I might say so without being immodest, is that by and large, once people start reading they can't stop because they are drawn in. The weakness of course is you don't really hang about and develop characters too much. You don't stop for long lyrical passages. I do like stories. I like the business of telling a story. Having said that, there is no reason why a story shouldn't carry a lot more freight with it. You can get at a truth as a novelist in a way that you can't as an historian. I think you can bring things alive, the sense of fear, prickly fear, the sweat, the smell of the place and so on.

-   "The Observer Magazine" (UK), 11 April 2010, pg. 19, by: John O'Connell (text) Jonathan Player (portrait), "This Much I Know"

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