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Robert Terrell Hayes
5' 9 1/2"
Robert Terrell Hayes, born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and raised in Arlington, Texas, is one of the nation's top growing young actors. Growing up, Robert's mother La Queena Hayes-Rowe knew her son was destined to become a star, given that the name Robert means "bright fame". His mom placed him in every sport, with basketball being his favorite. As time passed, she gave birth to his baby sister. One evening in 2002, Robert and his mother attended Diamond's cheer leading tournament in Texas. Robert had fell asleep next to his mother and a lady sitting next to her saw Robert and told his mother how cute he was. La Queena thanked the lady and the lady began to tell La Queena that he should be put into the entertainment business since he has such a striking look. The lady's daughter was a model represented by the a local agency, so she gave La Queena the contact information so that she could contact the agency. Being skeptical about the business, La Queena finally contacted the agency a year later. As soon as she submitted a snapshot of Robert, the agency immediately contacted La Queena so that they could arrange a meeting for Robert. Robert signed with his first talent agency in 2003. Robert had solely modeled for popular outlet stores such as JC Penny's and Dillards, but his agency never exposed him to the acting division of the business until his mother took a stand. She talked with his agent about getting him into the acting division and his agent told La Queena that Robert seemed too shy and well-mannered to be apart of the acting division. His mother quickly took action and told his agent that the element of acting is being able to turn on and off certain characters and that Robert should have no problem acting. With that being said, his agent gave him a chance and sent him on his first commercial audition for Hasbro toy G.I Joe. Fortunately, Robert ended up booking this commercial, showing his agent that actions speak louder than words. La Queena soon felt that his agent was not sending Robert on enough auditions, so she talked to close friend Dianna De La Garza, also known as Demi Lovato's mother, while their daughters Diamond Rowe and Madison De La Garza filmed on the set of Barney. Dianna insisted that La Queena switch Robert over to Demi's talent agency, the Kim Dawson Agency also located in Dallas, Texas, since the Kim Dawson Agency had helped Demi book major Disney motion picture Camp Rock and sign with Hollywood Records. A couple of months later, Robert switched agencies and has appeared in a numerous amount of national commercials, movies, and television shows with Family Feud being his most interesting experience. He is complimented on his charming and breath-taking smile everywhere he goes. Even former Family Feud host John O'Hurley told Robert he has a million dollar smile that will guarantee him a spot in Hollywood. His upcoming feature film, The Lucky One, is his greatest achievement thus far. is another Nicholas Sparks movie adaptation about a Marine that returns to North Carolina after serving three tours in Iraq and searches for the unknown woman he believes was his good luck charm during the war. The movie will be starring Zac Efron and Robert will be playing Victor, Zac Efron's best friend. Robert Hayes is definitely destined for greatness in Hollywood.
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