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Trev Hayward has been composing music for over twenty years now. He had always been fascinated with synths and electronics and the sounds they produced from an early age. With influence from listening to Film Scores, he began to create his own music and was soon offered the chance to compose music for a friends amateur film, 1990's 'Final Channel Television'- The Eliminator' where he developed an all synthesizer score featuring some unique sound design. Various projects for more amateur films continued, with Trev providing the scores for 'Touching The Web' and more recently 'Circle Of Death', written and directed by friend Michael Giddens His influences vary accordingly, with composer 'Jerry Goldsmith' being of particular inspiration. Trev likes to employ experimentation in his music, and enjoys nothing better than composing diverse sonic soundscapes for movies, or just stand-alone pieces. He is currently composing the score to his 2013 movie 'Trauma' which he has also written and directed.
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  1. Live-In Fear (2012) (associate producer)